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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 26, no. 9 (May, 1968)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 26, no. 9 (May, 1968)

Aanavi, Don, Linda Lee Boyer, Fong Chow, Dudley T. Easby, Jr., Yvonne Hackenbroch, Marilyn Jenkins, and John Goldsmith Phillips
47 pages
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"Devotional Writing: 'Pseudoinscriptions' in Islamic Art"
Don Aanavi

"Muslim: An Early Fatimid Ceramist"
Marilyn Jenkins

"The Origin of Coral by Claude Lorrain"
Linda Lee Boyer

"Wager Cups"
Yvonne Hackenbroch

"A Dragon-Boat Regatta"
Fong Chow

"Recently Acquired Sculpture"
John Goldsmith Phillips

"Honorary Trustees and Curators Emeriti"
Dudley T. Easby, Jr.

Qur'an of Ibrahim Sultan, Ibrahim Sultan  Iranian, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper
dated 830 AH/1427 CE
Fragment of a Bowl, Earthenware; white slip, black decoration
9th–10th century
Bowl with Pseudo-inscription, Stonepaste; polychrome painted under transparent glaze
13th century
Lidded Box of Muhammad al-Hamawi, Timekeeper at the Umayyad Mosque, Damascus, Brass; engraved and inlaid with silver
15th century
Casket with Figural Imagery, Brass; worked metal sheet inlaid with silver
mid-13th century
Carpet with Pseudo-Kufic Inscriptions, Wool (warp, weft and pile); symmetrically knotted pile
probably 17th century
Bowl with Eagle, Muslim Ibn al-Dahhan  Egyptian, Earthenware; luster-painted on opaque white glaze
ca. 1000
Three-Color Luster Bowl with a Checkerboard Pattern, Earthenware; polychrome luster-painted on opaque white glaze
9th century
Bowl with Two Facing Peacocks, Earthenware; luster-painted on opaque white glaze
second–third quarter 10th century
Textile Fragment with Double-Headed Eagles, Silk, Islamic
11th–12th century
Textile Fragment from the Shrine of San Librada, Sigüenza Cathedral, Spain, Silk, metal wrapped thread; lampas
first half 12th century
Morgan Casket, Ivory; carved
11th–12th century
Bowl Depicting a Running Hare, Earthenware; luster-painted on opaque white glaze
first quarter 11th century
Coast View with Perseus and the Origin of Coral, Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée)  French, Pen, brown ink, brown, blue, gray wash, heightened with white gouache
Wager cup, Hieronymus Imhof, Silver, partly gilt, cold-painted enamel, German, Augsburg
ca. 1610–15
De gli habiti antichi et moderni di diversi parti del mondo, libri due ..., Cesare Vecellio  Italian, Woodcut
Multiple artists/makers
Habiti delle Donne Venetiane (Dress of Venetian Women), Giacomo Franco  Italian, Engraving and woodcut
ca. 1591–1610
Album of Prints by Hollar, Wenceslaus Hollar  Bohemian, Etching
Dragon Boat Regatta on Jinming Lake, Wang Zhenpeng  Chinese, Handscroll; ink on silk, China
14th century (?)
Ugolino and His Sons, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux  French, Saint-Béat marble, French, Paris