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The Roof Garden Commission: Huma Bhabha, We Come in Peace

Jhaveri, Shanay, Ed Halter, and Sheena Wagstaff
64 pages
40 illustrations
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Often described as post-apocalyptic, the work of sculptor Huma Bhabha responds to the violence and turmoil in the world around her through depictions of anthropomorphic figures—or “characters,” as Bhabha calls them—that often appear to be dismembered, melted, or dissected. This book, accompanying a sitespecific installation at the Metropolitan Museum, features an interview with the artist that provides new insights into her diverse influences, from historic sculptures to science-fiction movies, and elaborates on how art history, politics, and socioeconomic issues inform her work. In his incisive essay, curator Shanay Jhaveri explores Bhabha’s working process and her oeuvre over the last twenty years. A second essay, by film critic Ed Halter, delves into the impact of cinema on Bhabha’s sculpture. This beautifully illustrated publication is the sixth edition in a series that documents and contextualizes The Met’s annual rooftop commissions.

Untitled, Georg Baselitz  German, Charcoal on paper
Georg Baselitz
Untitled, Cy Twombly  American, Oil, crayon, and graphite on canvas
Cy Twombly
Female Figure, Wood, Bamana peoples
Bamana peoples
19th–20th century
Vishvarupa Vishnu, Stone, India (Jammu and Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir)
India (Jammu and Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir)
6th century
Untitled (Zig-Zag Mirror Displacement), Robert Smithson  American, Chromogenic transparencies
Robert Smithson
Study of a Hand, Auguste Rodin  French, Cast plaster, French
Auguste Rodin
modeled ca. 1885, cast before 1912
Untitled, Huma Bhabha  Pakistani, Ink on black and white photograph
Huma Bhabha

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Bhabha, Huma, Shanay Jhaveri, Ed Halter, and Sheena Wagstaff. 2018. Huma Bhabha - We Come in Peace: The Roof Garden Commision. New York: The MET, Metropolitan Museum of Art.