Illustration of Samy and Melina

100 Postcards, With Love

How did 100 postcards of art from The Met bring two distant siblings together and foster trust and communication?
Illustrated portrait of Annie Lanzillotto

Healing Through Colors

Hear artist and poet Annie Lanzillotto discuss the surprising ways that art inspires and heals over a lifetime.
Illustration of Kisook Suh

Mending Hope

Hear how taking care of medieval tapestries offers personal solace and hope from Textile Conservator, Kisook Suh.
Illustrated portrait of Yvette Weaver

Seeding Change

Listen to Horticulturalist Yvette Weaver describe how gardens support her sense of purpose and belonging as a Black woman, and how nature can help museums become more welcoming to all.
Illustrated portrait of Lakshmee and Annie Lachhman-Persad

Access to Inspiration

Hear two sisters who are accessibility advocates describe why seeing and making art is fundamental to more than just creativity.
Illustrated portrait of Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya

From Mind to Mural

How can encountering art in communal spaces be a powerful tool for public health? Meet multidisciplinary artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, who reclaims urban areas to uplift underrepresented communities.
Illustrated portrait of Josh Livingston

Art, Haircuts, and Community

Hear from barber Joshua Livingston about the power of community spaces to support connection and well-being, whether when visiting an art museum or getting a haircut.
Illustrated portrait of Alison Hokanson, Abraham Thomas, and Margaret Golden

Seeing Art Through a Pandemic Lens

Hear personal reflections from three staff members at The Met about how specific artworks have taken on new meaning for them since the pandemic.
Illustrated portrait of Reena Esmail

Composing New Harmonies

Hear from composer Reena Esmail on how working between the worlds of Western and Indian classical music uplifts her sense of purpose and connection to humanity.
Illustrated portrait of Virgil Ortiz

Art Rooted in the Earth

Discover how creating earthenware pottery connects artist Virgil Ortiz to his Native American heritage, ancestral lands, and what it means to see his culture represented at The Met.
Illustrated portrait of Grace Calame-Mars and Carolyn Halpin-Healy

Art and Medicine

Hear how art education improved nurses’ clinical observation skills and strengthened empathy, which became valuable tools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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