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5,000 years of art, one material at a time

Stories of the materials used in making art are often as thought-provoking and illuminating as the objects themselves. From The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Immaterial examines the materials of art and what they can reveal about history and humanity. Each episode looks at a single material: paper, clay, jade, shells, and others, exploring the qualities and meanings that are often overlooked.

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Immaterial is produced by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Magnificent Noise.

Host: Camille Dungy

At The Met:
Executive Producer: Sarah Wambold
Producer: Benjamin Korman
Production Coordinator: Rachel Smith
Graphic Design: Christopher DiPietro, Mortimer Lebigre
Marketing, Communications, and Social Media: Ann Bailis, Meryl Cates, Claire Lanier, Jonathan Lee, Gretchen Scott

Executive Advisors: Max Hollein, Inka Drögemüller, Douglas Hegley, Kenneth Weine, Andrea Bayer, Tricia Robson

At Magnificent Noise:
Co-founder: Eric Nuzum
Co-founder: Jesse Baker
Senior Producer: Eleanor Kagan
Producers: Elyse Blennerhassett, Adwoa Gyimah-Brempong
Sound Designer: Ariana Martinez
Fact-checker: Christine Baird
Engineering: Kristin Muller, Paul Schneider
Music: Austin Fisher

Special Thanks: Sofie Andersen, Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, Kim Benzel, Yaëlle Biro, Skyla Choi, Vonetta DeVonish, Nina Diamond, Adam Eaker, Anne Grady, Lela Jenkins, Meghan Kase, Brinda Kumar, Claire Lanier, Marco Leona, Neyda Martinez, Nadine Orenstein, Lisa Pilosi, Isabel Rivera, Marianna Siciliano, Madhav Tankha

Supported by

Bloomberg Philanthropies

and Dasha Zhukova Niarchos.