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Learn more about the people depicted throughout the Museum and portraiture traditions around the world.

Painting that depicts six women pursuing the arts of painting, sculpture and drawing in a skylit studio with a seventh student entering the space with a portfolio in hand

Women in the Studio

Louis Lang’s Art Students presents an intriguing window into the professionalization of women’s art education in the United States during the nineteenth century.

Emma and the Van Gogh Paintings

Follow Emma Scully through time as she encounters Van Gogh.

A Self-Portrait painting by the African American Painter Horace Pippin. A Black man sits against a blue background from his shoulders up looking directly towards us with deep brown eyes. He is wearing a black suit, off-white yellowish suit, and a striped tie with brown and a golden-mustard yellow.

Considering Horace Pippin

How has art history overlooked the crucial role disability played in Pippin's painting?
Painting of a woman in a white dress playing the harp while a lapdog sleeps at her feet in an adorned dressing room

Coxcombs and Macaronis: Fashion, Gender, and the Canon of Art History

How artists perceived to have “feminine” traits have faced exclusion in the history of European painting.
painting of a woman in a white dress wearing a broad hat sitting with a book with ribbon covering her face

The Portraits of Volker Hermes

The artist behind a series of popular photocollages discusses the signs and symbols of portraiture.
Image of the artist cecily brown in front of an abstraction.

An Evening with Cecily Brown

Join artist Cecily Brown and Met curator Adam Eaker for a conversation about Brown’s engagement with art history, influences from The Met collection, and her own singular artistic practice.

The James Van Der Zee Archive

James Van Der Zee, the world-renowned chronicler of Black life in New York City during the Harlem Renaissance and for decades thereafter, was a virtuoso portraitist and one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century.

Secrets of the Tudor Archives

Hear from a scholar whose recent discoveries in British archives have transformed our understanding of these artists and their royal sitters.

The Tudors: Art and Majesty in Renaissance England Virtual Opening

Join curators Elizabeth Cleland and Adam Eaker to explore The Tudors, which traces the transformation of the arts in Tudor England through more than 100 objects.

Composite images of Guadeloupe-born model Adrienne Fidelin posing with elaborate headdresses

Mode au Congo: Travails of the Traveling Hats

How did a set of Congolese headdresses influence the evolution of modern fashion?
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