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The stories of how artworks arrived at The Met.

View of The Met Fifth Avenue Petrie Court

Updates on The Met Collection and Cultural Property

Met director Max Hollein provides an update on The Met’s work on cultural heritage and, more broadly, The Met’s engagements across the globe.
View of The Met Fifth Avenue Great Hall

Reflections on The Met Collection and Cultural Property

Met director Max Hollein reflects on current discussions about cultural property, provides background on The Met collection, and previews several important initiatives.
A pair of black men with feathers decorating their heads and body next to a cup covered with a lid

The Linsky Project: Reinterpreting Porcelain Figures

New interpretive labels help visitors navigate the role of the decorative arts in negotiating race, labor, colonialism, and global commerce.
Photo of the American Wing gallery at The Metropolitan museum of art: an indoor courtyard with sky lights with the facade of a bank vault on one wall with people roaming around the courtyard.

How We Collect: Research, Transparency, and Collaboration

Learn about The Met's collecting practices and provenance research.

The Mantuan Roundel

Learn more about an extremely rare bronze relief attributed to Gian Marco Cavalli. Created around 1500, it is one of the largest and most technically sophisticated examples of a bronze roundel from the early Renaissance.

Travails of the Traveling Hats: From the Congo to The Met

Discover the journey of 47 caps and headdresses from Central Africa’s Congo River basin to The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. 

Limestone Assyrian relief with a low-relief carving of two men bearing gifts

Keeping Culture Alive

Two scholars consider the displacement of Assyrian people and their art

An Enigmatic Eros in Flight: A Masterpiece of Greek Vase Painting

Discover the mythological scenes of an exceptional drinking cup made in Athens and currently on loan to The Met.

Time Present and Time Past: The Many Histories of Tell Halaf, Syria

Explore the relationship between contemporary artists’ use of archaeological materials in their work and attempts to understand the historical context in which the ancient works were first produced.


The Second Branch Bank facade installed on a lawn in Central Park

Glimpses of Old New York

Take a tour through New York City’s past with these architectural features and historic interiors preserved at The Met.
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