Religion & Spirituality

Religion, spirituality, and faith depicted (and challenged) throughout history and culture.

Nude stone Cycladic figure with it's arms crossed against a grey background.

Who Were the Early Cycladic Figures?

Discover the fascinating history behind these enigmatic objects.
a gold pectoral with coins and a pseudo-medallion that holds fourteen gold coins and two gold discs that are linked together and held by a large gold tube surrounding it.

Wearing Coins in Late Antiquity

Why were gold coins used as jewelry throughout the Byzantine Empire?

Artists on Artworks—Africa & Byzantium

Join artists as they reflect on works in the exhibition Africa and Byzantium and make connections to their own artistic practices.

Limestone carving of a male and female figure

The Environmental Values of Early Buddhism

Buddhist Jataka stories, and the vibrant worlds they portray, offer insights into contemporary climate concerns.

Exhibition Tour—Tree & Serpent: Early Buddhist Art in India, 200 BCE–400 CE

Explore Tree & Serpent: Early Buddhist Art in India, 200 BCE–400 CE in this virtual tour of the exhibition.

The New York Buddhist Vihara Monks

This video features Buddhist monks from the New York Buddhist Vihara Foundation chanting a blessing of suttas (sutras), the spoken word of the Buddha as preserved in the Sri Lankan tradition.

A woman stands on stage wearing a matching brown tunic and pants. Her arms are raised over her head with her palms pressed together.

Bijayini Satpathy: Dohā

In her fifth and final performance as 2021-2022 MetLiveArts Artist in Residence, the incomparable choreographer and dancer Bijayini Satpathy built on her prior explorations of movement and art with an evening-length performance for the stage of the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium. The new work, entitled “Dohā,” navigates the relationship between prayer and play, moving away from the Odissi dance form’s customary theistic depictions to highlight the bhāva—emotional experience—of prayer as an embodied human act. Within the discipline of ritualized prayer, Satpathy embraces play and playfulness as an essential part of the individual’s search for the divine.

A woman with grey hair and a black dress arches her back, tilts her head back, and raises her hands in a cupped position. She is in a building made of tan stone walls and columns with arched windows.

Bijayini Satpathy in the Galleries: The Prayer

An exploration of the body in prayer, “The Prayer” was created especially for the Chapter House at The Met Cloisters, and is inspired by the site’s meditative architecture. The music evokes a haunting stream of prayers, resonating calls, and chants drawn from Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, and Gregorian traditions.

Image of Cecily Brown in her studio.

Artist Interview—Cecily Brown: Death and the Maid

Go behind the scenes with artist Cecily Brown, who discusses the inspiration and making of Cecily Brown: Death and the Maid, the first full-fledged museum survey of Brown’s work in New York since she made the city her home.

The God from the Black Water

Maya artists mined a rich body of mythological lore to visualize their gods in imaginative ways.

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