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Social Change

These articles highlight art’s role in addressing social change.

Black and white image of the actor Charlie Chaplin dressed as the tramp, a white man in overalls in this scenario and a mustache where he is trapped between massive factory cogs that he is riding while also trying to tighten the bolts with both of his hands at the same time.

A More Perfect Union: American Political Art of the 1930s

The scholar Max Fraser considers how the Great Depression spurred a decade of art influenced by leftist politics.
Colorful print of two workers drilling at the ground in front of an industrial construction setting.

The Art of the Great Depression

How did a decade of unprecedented financial strife, radical social upheaval, and technological innovation shape art and cultural identity in the United States?
A Self-Portrait painting by the African American Painter Horace Pippin. A Black man sits against a blue background from his shoulders up looking directly towards us with deep brown eyes. He is wearing a black suit, off-white yellowish suit, and a striped tie with brown and a golden-mustard yellow.

Considering Horace Pippin

How has art history overlooked the crucial role disability played in Pippin's painting?

“four martins – a dirge” from Songs in Flight

Composer Shawn Okpebholo and Duke University professor Dr. Tsitsi Ella Jaji bring individual stories to life through song.

Lo Tatou Seiana: Our Flowering, Our Time

Dan Taulapapa McMullin muses on colonialism, queer mythologies, and activism in the Pacific Islands.
The screen depicts four people on a video call with each other.

Art and Activism: Environmental Protection and Contemporary Indigenous Art

Join featured artists and the curator of the exhibitions “Water Memories” and “Art of Native America: The Charles and Valerie Diker Collection” for a conversation exploring the significance of water to diverse Indigenous peoples and Nations in the United States, as expressed through historical, modern, and contemporary art. Delve into the artists’ artistic processes while examining the ongoing work to protect water and land, aesthetic activism, and the unique challenges contemporary Indigenous artist-activists face.

Detail of the pamphlet for the Act Up Art Box, with the participating artists names and places where one could find the objects on view

A Short History of the ACT UP Art Box

"ACT UP felt like a collision of creativity, political fervor, and justifiable anger..."
Painting by Phillip Guston with a hand holding a canvas with a sunset on it against a grey background.

Philip Guston at The Met

Musa Guston Mayer reflects on her father's art and its legacy.
The artist Lauren Halsey in colorful clothing sitting before her Roof Garden Commission, a giant Egyptian-inspired temple.

Artist Interview—Lauren Halsey: The Roof Garden Commission

Go behind the scenes with artist Lauren Halsey, who discusses the inspiration and making of The Met’s 2023 Roof Garden Commission.

A Conversation with Dia al-Azzawi–On Calligraphy as Inspiration, 1960s Iraq, and the US Invasion

Artist Dia-Azzawi on Arabic Calligraphy and Literature as Inspiration, 1960s Baghdad and Beirut, and the US Invasion of Iraq

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