Explore works of art related to sports and athletics.

Honus Wagner, Pittsburgh, National League, from the White Border series (T206) for the American Tobacco Company

Tracing Economics through Ephemera

An angle on commerce and consumerism through the “holy grail” of baseball card collecting

Dressing in Armor

Join a Met expert and learn how armor is mounted and displayed in the galleries. Focus on a unique set of armor that probably belonged to King Henry VIII of England.

This vase depicts a group of men racing in a crowd

The Ancient Olympics and Other Athletic Games

Highlights from The Met collection illustrate the many athletic games held in ancient Greece, featuring celebrity athletes, grand prizes, and the mythical origins of the first Olympics.

Conserving a Piece of Islamic Armor

Join Met conservator Sean Belair as he discusses his role at the Museum and shares details from the conservation of an Islamic mail shirt made up of 12,000 inscribed rings.

Jeffries versus Johnson: The Fight of the Century

Former Curatorial Intern Angela Pastorelli-Sosa discusses the "Fight of the Century"—an inflammatory boxing match held in 1910 between Jim Jeffries and Jack Johnson that stoked racial tensions across the United States.

Detail view of a boxing card from 1910 depicting Joe Jeannette

A First Look at On The Ropes: Vintage Boxing Cards from the Jefferson R. Burdick Collection

Assistant Curator Allison Rudnick provides an overview of On the Ropes, the first exhibition of the Jefferson R. Burdick Collection to showcase the boxing cards, which feature some of the most celebrated boxers of the last two centuries.

Diamond Mountains and the 2018 Winter Olympics

What do the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea and an exhibition of Korean art at The Met have in common? Soyoung Lee, curator of Diamond Mountains: Travel and Nostalgia in Korean Art, explains.

The First Olympic Games

The #MetKids editors share some fun facts and activities for the Olympic Games.

Sneakers in the Stacks

Metadata and Collections Librarian William Blueher discovers some unexpected books on basketball courts and sneakers in Thomas J. Watson Library.

A World of Sports at The Met

Press officer Egle Zygas invites readers to see 10 artworks and objects spanning more than 2,000 years of sports around the world.

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