Find out how Met staff integrate new and surprising technologies into their work.

Colorful print of two workers drilling at the ground in front of an industrial construction setting.

The Art of the Great Depression

How did a decade of unprecedented financial strife, radical social upheaval, and technological innovation shape art and cultural identity in the United States?
Animation of five Roblox characters standing in The Met in front of two sculptures with the words The Met Replica.

Visit The Met, Enter the Metaverse: Introducing Replica

The Met meets Roblox in a new digital experience.

Are Bookworms Real? Pests at The Met

Meet some of the critters that like to munch on art and books at the Museum and learn how experts keep The Met safe.

How to Make a Field Guide

Make a field guide and use it to classify bugs like a scientist at the museum.

The Making of a Bronze Statue, 1922

How do you make a monument? Produced by the Museum in 1922, this short film follows the American artist Alexander Phimister Proctor’s process of sculpting Theodore Roosevelt.

A metallic black and gold texture

Immaterial: Metals, Part Two

Let’s talk about the metals that break the rules.
Maori hei tiki, or greenstone pendant, carved with large eyes and abstracted human facial features, embryonic quality

Immaterial: Sharing Taonga at The Pacific Virtual Museum

Making the cultural heritage of the Pacific visible and accessible to all

Modern Times: British Prints, 1913–1939

Explore rare and important British modernist works on paper recently acquired by The Met from the collection of Leslie and Johanna Garfield.

African Communities: Reflections of Coexistence and Cooperation, Session 2

As part of the Annual Charles K. Wilkinson Lecture, join scholars in the fields of Egyptian, Islamic, and Ancient Near Eastern art to explore social, religious, and economic interconnections on the African continent and between Africans and their neighbors.

Black-and-white headshot of Audrey Hepburn in a feathered hat and ruff

Stitch by Stitch, Click by Click

Browsing fashion in Watson Library's electronic collections
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