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AFPR—Meet The Artists: Jomo Tariku

Aug 17, 2022 2 MINUTES

“Through my work, I aspire to change the world's perception of African design while exploring contemporary forms.” — Jomo Tariku

Jomo Tariku designs ergonomic furniture to support the body and mind, with aesthetic references drawn from elements of Ethiopian and Black American culture and history.

Tariku's “Mido Chair” synthesizes two important African symbols, the Afro comb—a tool used across Africa for centuries that is often linked to notions of cultural pride in the United States—and ceremonial seats.

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Production Credits:
Managing Producer: Kate Farrell
Producer: Melissa Bell
Editor: Lela Jenkins
Graphic Design: Abby Chen
Music: Austin Fisher
Photographs: Paul Lachenauer

Special thanks:
Jomo Tariku, Sarah Lawrence, Ian Alteveer, Ana Matisse Donefer-Hickie, Claire Lanier, Victoria Martinez, Sofie Andersen

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