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Group of visitors with disabilities walking with guide dogs in front of a large tapestry.

Groups of Visitors with Disabilities

Bring your group to The Met! The Museum is committed to providing learning experiences for kids, teens, and adults of all abilities. We tailor our programs to fit the needs, abilities, and interests of people with disabilities of all ages. Choose a guided visit—including a tour and art-making experience—a self-guided visit to explore the galleries with your group on your own, or a program at your site for those unable to travel to the Museum.

The Museum is committed to making its collection, buildings, programs, and services accessible to all audiences.

Please see the Group Guidelines below before bringing your group to the Museum.

School Groups: We can adapt guided visits to the varying needs of students on school visits. To request a visit appointment for your class, please see School Groups. A social narrative (PDF) prepares students on the autism spectrum for a guided school visit.

Appointments are required for all groups visiting the Museum.

Group Fees

One-hour program$110
90-minute program (a tour with art making)$160

Organizations with limited resources may qualify for significantly reduced rates or fee waivers. Please call 212-650-2010 or email to inquire about discounted rates.

Guided Visits

Trained Museum educators lead these experiences and offer opportunities for your group to make the most of its encounters with great works of art. We can work with you to develop a program that meets your group's needs and interests:

  • Tour
    Explore and discuss original works of art in the Museum's galleries.
  • Tour with Art-Making Workshop
    Experience original works of art and enjoy art making in a multisensory workshop.

Assistive listening devices (headsets and neck loops) are available for Museum tours and programs. These devices can be obtained free of charge from the Audio Guide desk in the Great Hall.

With advance notice, a Sign Language interpreter may be requested for any guided program.

Guided tours with touch and verbal description are available by appointment to groups including visitors who are blind or partially sighted. See For Visitors Who Are Blind or Partially Sighted for more details.

Group Size

A guided group must have no more than 50 individuals.

Self-Guided Visits and Lecturing

We invite you to explore The Met collection independently. Please note that self-guided visits also require appointments.

Group Size

A self-guided group must have a minimum of six individuals and a maximum of fifty.

Group Fee

Guided visits are $5 per individual. Organizations with limited resources may qualify for significantly reduced rates or fee waivers. Please call 212-650-2010 or email to inquire about discounted rates.


Offsite Programs

Let us come to you! For groups unable to visit the Museum due to disability or medical conditions, Museum educators can lead discussions and art-making experiences relating to The Met collection at your organization.

Group Size

An offsite group must have a minimum of six individuals and a maximum of fifty.

Group Fee

Ninety-minute programs: $225. Organizations with limited resources may qualify for significantly reduced rates or fee waivers. Please call 212-650-2010 or email to inquire about discounted rates.

Group Guidelines

We are pleased that your group will be visiting the Museum. In order to assure the best Museum experience, please read the following list of responsibilities and guidelines and share them with your group prior to the visit.


  • Group leaders are responsible for the behavior of their groups at all times.
  • Visitors may not touch the works of art.
  • Visitors should keep their voices low.
  • Running and rough play are prohibited.
  • Food, drinks, and gum are prohibited.
  • Flash photography and video cameras are prohibited in the galleries.
  • Only pencils may be used in the galleries; the use of pens and markers is prohibited.
  • Large bags must be checked at the coat-check facilities.
  • Please follow the instructions of Security Officers in the galleries.
  • The Museum reserves the right to refuse or dismiss any group for misconduct.

Please see School Groups or Camp Groups for specific information about bringing a school or camp group to the Museum.

Guidelines: Before Your Visit


Please see The Met Fifth Avenue for directions, parking facilities, and information for charter bus drivers.

Arrival and Check-In

Please plan on arriving at the Museum 20 to 30 minutes before your scheduled visit to allow time for security clearance, coat check, and check-in. (Please note that groups will not be permitted to enter the Museum before 9:30 am.) Check in at the Group Registration Desk in the Great Hall, which is accessible through the main entrance at 82nd Street.

Please note that luggage is not permitted in the galleries and will not be accepted at the coat-check facilities. If you are running late for a scheduled visit Tuesday through Friday, please call 212-570-3711; to notify us of a delay on Saturday or Sunday, please call 212-570-3754.

Any group arriving more than 30 minutes late cannot be guaranteed its scheduled guided program. Museum guides are not required to wait more than 30 minutes for the arrival of a group.

College groups and adult groups must check in at the Group Desk in the Great Hall, accessible via the Museum entrance at 82nd Street.

High school groups and any group that requires a wheelchair-accessible entrance may check in through the Museum entrance at 81st Street. The check-in desk is inside the Carson Family Hall.

Please review your confirmation letter for your scheduled check-in desk. If you need to revise your group's check-in desk, please contact Member and Group Services at 212-570-3754.

Wheelchair Access

The 81st Street entrance to the Museum is the ground-level wheelchair-accessible entrance. Additionally, wheelchairs are available, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis at all coat-check areas. (See The Met Fifth Avenue for information about the Museum's accessibility and Programs for Visitors with Disabilities for information about ongoing events and programs.)

Payment and Refund Policies

Payment is due upon arrival for general admission or self-guided group visits. The group leader is responsible for the entire amount due; group members may not pay individually. Please note that refunds or credits will not be given for prepayments or pre-cut checks if the number of people in the group is less than the prepaid amount.

For guided tours and dining packages, payment is due one week in advance of the scheduled arrival. Any cancellations of the tour or changes to the group count must be made one week prior to the group’s arrival in order to receive a refund.

Guidelines: During Your Visit

Please notify your group of the following guidelines prior to your visit, and review them upon arrival at the Museum.

Gallery Closings

The Museum cannot guarantee access to all galleries at all times. For up-to-date gallery closings, please call 212-570-3754. There may be lines for admittance into certain exhibition galleries.

Consideration for Others

Although discussion in the galleries is encouraged, please keep voices respectfully low. The Museum is a place for looking, thinking, and quiet discussion. Mobile phones must be turned off while in the galleries.

Other groups and individuals may wish to see the same objects that interest you. Please be aware of others waiting to view a particular work and be courteous about moving on promptly.

Museum staff lecturers wearing laminated ID cards have priority in the galleries. Please yield to these lecturers. You may wish to proceed to another gallery and return later.

Respect for Museum Objects

Do not touch any of the objects in the Museum. The invisible oil on your fingertips leaves a film on any surface touched. Over time, these marks attract dust and pollutants from the air, damaging and obscuring surfaces. Please refrain from pointing or gesturing when you are close to unprotected works of art.

Photography and Sketching

Flash photography is not permitted in any of the galleries. Sketching is permitted in all areas of the permanent collection and in most special exhibitions. See The Met Fifth Avenue for more information about photography and sketching in the Museum.

Personal Items

Food (including gum and candy) and drinks are prohibited in the galleries. Umbrellas, shopping bags, backpacks, and sports equipment are prohibited and must be checked at the coat-check facilities, however, luggage and other large bags will not be accepted at the coat-check facilities. Please see The Met Fifth Avenue for more information.

Promotional Materials

The content of all printed materials and electronic publications relating to an event that is to take place at the Museum—including the invitation copy, final typeset copy, programs, and any other promotional material—is subject to the Museum's approval. Materials must be submitted to the Museum for review and approval before being printed.

Prohibition of Fund-raising

Groups may not use or promote Museum group visits and/or events for their own fund-raising purposes.

We hope that you and your group enjoy your visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Program Support

Access Programs at the Museum are made possible by

Generous support is also provided by the Filomen M. D'Agostino Foundation.

Additional support is provided by Estate of Doris Alperdt, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Ceil & Michael E. Pulitzer Foundation, Renate, Hans & Maria Hofmann Trust, Allene Reuss Memorial Trust, Jane B. Wachsler, The J.M. Foundation, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Philip Elenko, and The Murray G. and Beatrice H. Sherman Charitable Trust.