Arbeiter Illustrierte Zeitung, vol. 9, no. 6, 1930

Arbeiter Illustrierte Zeitung, vol. 9, no. 6, 1930

John Heartfield (German, 1891–1968)

Willi Münzenberg (German, 1889–1940)
Photomechanical reproduction
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Ford Motor Company Collection, Gift of Ford Motor Company and John C. Waddell, 1987
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  • Description

    Heartfield published his political photomontages, many of which savagely satirized the Nazi regime, in AIZ. In this widely disseminated workers' newspaper (500,000 readers in 1931), the deceptively realistic montages appeared cheek-by-jowl with straight documentary photographs. That Heartfield understood the propaganda power of the press is also evident in this montage, which shows a trussed man smothered by the (socialist) newspapers Tempo and Vorwärts (Forward). The caption states: "Those who read bourgeois newspapers will become blind and deaf. Away with these blinders!"

  • Provenance

    [Suzanne Pastor, Cologne, to Waddell, June 29, 1987]; John C. Waddell

  • Notes

    The montage depicts a man whose head is bandaged with front pages of two newspapers, Tempo and Vorwörts. For a variant see: Wieland Herzfelde, John Heartfield, Leben und Werk, Dresden: VEB Verlag der Kunst, 1971, pl. 133. Text in lower right corner reads: "I am a cabbagehead. Do you know my leaves? From worries I am at my wit's end, but I keep quiet and hope for a savior, I want to be a black-red-gold cabbagehead! I don't want to see and hear anything, or to interfere with public affairs. And you can strip me right down to my shirt, but I'm not having any red press in my house!" Two pages of this issue were separated and are filed Photo - medium - Heartfield.

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