Sunday at the Church of Saint-Philippe-du-Roule, Paris

Jean Béraud (French, St. Petersburg 1849–1936 Paris)

Oil on canvas
23 3/8 x 31 7/8 in. (59.4 x 81 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William B. Jaffe, 1955
Accession Number:
  • Gallery Label

    When this painting was exhibited in the Salon of 1877, it was seen as a document of contemporary Parisian life. Béraud depicts a view of the rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré, which had recently become a fashionable shopping street. The church was designed in the eighteenth century by the architect J.F. Chalgrin.

  • Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings

    Inscription: Signed (lower left): Jean Béraud—; inscribed (on shop signs): [illegible]

  • Provenance

    Edward Matthews, New York (until 1888; sale, Ortgies, New York, February 14, 1888, no. 71, as "Coming from Church," to Avery); ?Samuel P. Avery and Samuel P. Avery Jr., New York (1888–at least 1893); Mr. and Mrs. William B. Jaffe, New York (until 1955)

  • Exhibition History

    Paris. Salon. May 1–?, 1877, no. 173 (as "Le dimanche, près de Saint-Philippe-du-Roule").

    New York. American Fine Arts Society. "Loan Exhibition," February 13–March 26, 1893, no. 45 (lent by S. P. Avery Jr.) [see Sterling and Salinger 1966].

    New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Van Gogh as Critic and Self-Critic," October 30, 1973–January 6, 1974, no. 15.

    New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Impressionism: A Centenary Exhibition," December 12, 1974–February 10, 1975, not in catalogue.

    Roslyn Harbor, N.Y. Nassau County Museum of Art. "La Belle Époque," June 11–September 24, 1995, unnumbered cat.

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