A Basket and Birds

Jan Fyt (Flemish, 1611–1661)

Oil on canvas
23 3/4 x 30 1/4 in. (60.3 x 76.8 cm)
Credit Line:
Purchase, 1871
Accession Number:
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  • Provenance

    Étienne-Joseph-Théophile Thoré (Willi Bürger), Paris (until d. 1869); private collection, Paris (until 1870); William T. Blodgett, Paris (from 1870; sold half share to Johnston); William T. Blodgett, Paris, and John Taylor Johnston, New York (1870–71; sold to MMA)

  • Exhibition History

    New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "The Taste of the Seventies," April 2–September 10, 1946, no. 12.

    New York. Union League Club. "Exhibition from The Metropolitan Museum of Art," November 23, 1969–January 2, 1970, checklist no. 2.

  • References

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  • Notes

    This painting and "A Hare and Birds" (MMA 71.44) are probably pendants.

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