Madame Manet (Suzanne Leenhoff, 1830–1906) at Bellevue

Édouard Manet (French, Paris 1832–1883 Paris)

Oil on canvas
31 3/4 x 23 3/4 in. (80.6 x 60.3 cm)
Credit Line:
The Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg Collection, Gift of Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg, 1997, Bequest of Walter H. Annenberg, 2002
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    Despite the seemingly rapid brushwork and the summary treatment of detail, this painting was preceded by at least two drawings and an oil sketch. This is Manet's last portrait of his wife; it was painted at Bellevue, a suburb of Paris, where they spent the summer of 1880.

  • Provenance

    the sitter, Paris (1880–97; sold to Camentron); [Gaston-Alexandre Camentron, Paris, 1897; sold on February 1, 1897, for Fr 500, to Durand-Ruel]; [Durand-Ruel, Paris, 1897; stock no. 4035; sold on November 2, 1897, for Fr 2,000 to Hugo von Tschudi on behalf of Liebermann; Max Liebermann, Berlin (1897–d. 1935; one of fourteen paintings deposited on his behalf by Walter Feilchenfeldt, Zürich, at Kunsthaus Zürich, from May 9, 1933); his widow, Martha Liebermann, Berlin, and/or their daughter, Mrs. Kurt (Käthe) Riezler (1935–38; painting remained at Kunsthaus Zürich until released to Riezler); Mrs. Kurt (Käthe) Riezler, Berlin, then New York (from 1938; probably sold to Rosenberg); [Paul Rosenberg, New York, until 1946; sold in February to Horowitz]; Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Horowitz, New York (1946–72; consigned to Wildenstein in 1970 and sold on April 11, 1972 to Annenberg); Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg, Rancho Mirage, Calif. (1972–97; jointly with MMA, 1997–his d. 2002)

  • Exhibition History

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  • Notes

    Manet painted this picture during an extended stay, from June to November 1880, in the Parisian suburb of Bellevue, where he confined his painting to open-air studies in the garden. This profile, his last painting of his wife, appears, first, as an ink sketch illustrating Manet's letter of 1880 to Henri Guérard (RW599; private collection, Paris), and subsequently, as a black wash drawing on graph paper (RW409; private collection, Paris), as an ink drawing with her head turned to the right (RW425; Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, Munich), and finally, as an unfinished oil sketch for a painting (RW314, location unknown). The veil of Mme Manet's hat is lifted in each of the preparatory drawings. At the same time, Manet was working on a portrait of his mother, Eugénie-Désirée Manet (1811–1885) (RW346; private collection, Paris) facing left, and sketches for these two portraits appear juxtaposed in two of the drawings (the letter of 1880 and the ink sketch in Munich).

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