The Manneporte (Étretat)

Claude Monet (French, Paris 1840–1926 Giverny)

Oil on canvas
25 3/4 x 32 in. (65.4 x 81.3 cm)
Credit Line:
Bequest of William Church Osborn, 1951
Accession Number:
  • Gallery Label

    Monet spent most of February 1883 at Étretat, a fishing village and resort on the Normandy coast. He painted twenty views of the beach and the three extraordinary rock formations in the area: the Porte d'Aval, the Porte d'Amont, and the Manneporte. The sunlight that strikes the Manneporte has a dematerializing effect that permitted the artist to interpret the cliff almost exclusively in terms of color and luminosity. Most nineteenth century visitors were attracted to the rock as a natural wonder. Monet instead concentrated on his own changing perception of it at different times of day.

  • Signatures, Inscriptions, and Markings

    Inscription: Signed and dated (lower left): Claude Monet 83

  • Provenance

    the artist, Paris (1883; sold July 28, 1883 for ?Fr 600 to Durand-Ruel); [Durand-Ruel, Paris, 1883; stock no. 2980; sold August 9, 1883 to Georges Petit]; [Georges Petit, Paris, 1883–at least 1886]; William H. Fuller, New York (by 1899–d. 1902; his estate sale, American Art Association, New York, March 12–13, 1903, no. 153, as "L'aiguille d'Etretat" for $2,700 to Durand-Ruel); [Durand-Ruel, New York, 1903; stock no. 2881; sold April 30, 1903 to Osborn]; William Church Osborn, New York (1903–d. 1951)

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  • Notes

    The Manneporte is one of several unusual rock formations near the town of Étretat on the coast of the English Channel. Monet painted these rock formations many times. Another work in the MMA (31.67.11; W1052) depicts the Manneporte from the same vantage point, on the same size canvas, but in a vertical, rather than a horizontal, format.

    According to Wildenstein [see Ref. 1979], this picture may have been exhibited at the Société des Vingt in Brussels in 1886 as no. 4. However, Sterling and Salinger [see Ref. 1967] suggest that it was possibly included as no. 123 in the exhibition that originated at the American Art Association and later moved to the National Academy of Design in New York in 1886. Wildenstein does not identify any of Monet's pictures with no. 123 in the New York exhibition. If the MMA work was exhibited in Brussels in 1886, then it was not shown in New York in the same year, because the dates of the two exhibitions overlap. And although five of Monet's pictures from Les Vingt joined the New York show when it went to the National Academy and were listed as supplementary numbers in the catalogue, the MMA work was not among them.

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