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Calendar with sundial

17th century
Diam. 1-3/4 in. (4.4 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of Professor Brander Matthews, 1924
Accession Number:
Not on view
Inscription: Calendar with sundial:
IANVARIVS des 1 ist neüjahr (New Year's Day); 6 H 3 König (Epiphany); 20 Fabi an Sebalt (ss. Fabian and Sebalt); 25 Paul Bekher (ung) (Conversion of St. Paul); FEBRVAR IS 2 Leichtmeess (Candlemas); 23 Petter Stuhl (St. Peter's chair); 24 Mattheus (St. Matthias); MARTIVS 25 Maria VerKündigung (The Annunciation or Lady Day); APRILIS 24 Georgius (St. George); MAIVS 1 Philipi Jacobi (Ss. Philip and James); 3 † Erfin (Erst findung - Invention of the Cross); IVNIVS 8 Medardus (St. Medardus); 24 Johan der Teuffer (St. John the Baptist); 29 Pettr Paull (Ss. Peter and Paul); IVLIVS 2 ist Maria Heimsuch (The Visitation); 4 Ulrich (St. Ulric); 13 Marg. (St. Margaret); 22 Maria Magle. (St. Mary Magdalen); 25 Jacobi (St. James); AVGVST 7 Affrn ? (Transfifuration); 10 Laurentius (St. Lawrence); 15 Maria Himelfahrt (Assumption of the Virgin); 25 Bartholomeus (St. Bartholomew); SEPTEMBER: 8 Maria Geburth (Birthday of Mary): 14 † Erhöung (Exaltation of th Cross); 21 Mattheiss (St. Matthew); 29 Michaeli (St. Michael); OCTOBER 16 Gallus (St. Gall); 28 Simon Judae (Ss. Simon and Jude); NOVEMBER 1 Aller Heÿll Aller Seellen (All Saints, All Souls); 11 Martini (St. Martin); 15 Leopoldi (St. Leopold); 21 Maria Oppfer (Opferung - Presentation of the Virgin); 25 Catharina (St. Catherine); 30 Andreas (St. Andrew); DECEMBER 4 Barbara (St. Barbara) 6 Nicolai (St. Nicholas); 8 Maria emfp. (Immaculate Conception); 21 Thom. (St. Thomas); 25 H Christag (Christmas); 26 Steph. (St. Stephen); 27 Johan Evang. (St. John Evangelist); 28 Kinlin'tag (Holy Innocents).
Professor Brander Matthews (until 1924; to MMA)
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