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Glass beaker

Early Imperial
1st century A.D.
Glass; blown in a three-part mold
diameter 2 1/2in. (6.3cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of Henry G. Marquand, 1881
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 168
Translucent pale green.
Outsplayed unworked rim; cylindrical body with vertical sides; uneven, slightly convex bottom. Two vertical mold seams run down sides from rim to edge of bottom through floral sprays, with a separate shallow disk-shaped base section.
On body, large continuous central frieze bordered above and below by two horizontal ridges, comprising four vertical floral sprays of matching design but with slight variations (one complete and two half sprays on each side of mold); on bottom, broad ring in relief with small central hollow circle.
Broken and repaired on one side of rim and upper body, but complete; some pinprick and larger bubbles; small areas of creamy brown weathering and faint iridescence.
Said to be from Idalium, Cyprus

1865 and 1872, excavated in Idalium, Cyprus, by Luigi Palma di Cesnola; afterwards, collection of L.P. di Cesnola; before 1879, purchased by Jules Charvet from L.P. di Cesnola; until 1881, collection of Jules Charvet, Le Pecq, Île-de-France; 1881, purchased from J. Charvet by Henry G. Marquand; acquired in 1881, gift of Henry G. Marquand.
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