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Ceremonial Arrowhead

probably Prague
Bohemian, probably Prague
Steel, copper alloy
L. 12 9/16 in. (31.9 cm); W. 2 7/16 in. (6.2 cm); Wt. 28.1 oz. (797 g)
Archery Equipment-Arrows & Quivers
Credit Line:
Purchase, David and Dorothy Alexander and Mrs. Ridgeley Hunt Gifts, Bequest of Stephen V. Grancsay, by exchange, and funds from various donors, 1984
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 373
Originally mounted on a wooden shaft, this extremely large arrowhead probably served as a symbol of rank or a baton of command. It is decorated with royal Bohemian monograms and badges in addition to religious invocations in medieval Czech. It bears the monogram AR for Albert, king of Bohemia and Hungary (reigned 1437–39).
Inscription: Inscribed on obverse, right flange: ar (probably the monogram for albertus rex, or King Albert), m (monogram for marya, or Mary); on reverse: S (reversed; probably a scroll, possibly a monogram) with pane bozy sanse[y ... kly racys(?)] amen (O Lord God [indecipherable] Amen); on the left flange: y (monogram for yhesus, or Jesus); on the right flange: r(?) (perhaps the monogram for rex, or king).
Castle Engelstein, near Weitra, Austria; Archduke Eugen, Veste Hohenwerfen, near Salzburg; Clarence H. Mackay, Rosylen, New York[Eric Vaule, Bridgewater, Conn., until 1984; sold to MMA].
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