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[Family Album of Photographs of Fire Island and Troy, New York]

Probably by Charles S. Francis (American, active 1880s–90s)
Gelatin silver prints
Images: 15.8 x 21.6 cm. (6 1/4 x 8 1/2 in.) to 3.8 x 7.3 cm. (1 1/2 x 2 7/8 in.) each Mounts: 20.1 x 27.8 cm. (7 5/16 x 10 15/16 in.) Overall: 21.4 x 29.7 x 13 cm. (8 7/16 x 11 11/16 x 5 1/8 in.)
Credit Line:
Bequest of William S. Lieberman, 2007
Accession Number:
Not on view
Inscription: Captioned and dated in ink below each image, BC: [see Notes for caption list]
Charles S. Francis; [...]; (sold, Swann Galleries, September 14, 2000, Sale 1867, Lot 102); William S. Lieberman

1a. Melrose Group, 1889.
1b. Melrose, 1889
2a. Melrose, 1889.
2b. "Grandma" Tucker, 1889.
3a. Mrs. Perry H. Smith, Magnolia, 1889.
3b. Mrs. Perry H. Smith and Family, Magnolia, 1889.
4a. Bathing at Magnolia, 1889.
4b. Magnolia, 1889.
5a. Magnolia, 1889.
5b. Magnolia, 1889.
6a. Magnolia, 1889.
6b. Magnolia, 1889.
7a. Magnolia, 1889.
7b. Magnolia, 1889.
8a. Magnolia, 1889.
8b. Mouth of the Chasm, Magnolia, 1889.
9a. Mouth of the Chasm, Magnolia, 1889.
9b. The Opera Box, Magnolia, 1889.
10a. The Opera Box, Magnolia, 1889.
10b. The Opera Box, Magnolia, 1889.
11a. Dr. & Mrs. Frank Townsend, Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Schell and Capt. "Jack," Fire Island, 1889.
11b. The Dock, Fire Island, 1889.
12a. Fire Island, 1889.
12b. [Two men seated on bench on dock, Fire Island]
13a. [Man walking down dock, Fire Island]
13b. The Havermeyer Place, Fire Island, 1889.
14a. Yacht Sachem, Fire Island, 1889.
14b. Life Saving Crew, Fire Island, 1889.
15a. Life Saving Crew and Equipment, Fire Island, 1889.
15b. Off to the Rescue, Fire Island, 1889.
16a. Fire Island Skippers, 1889.
16b. Mrs. Dominy's, Bay Shore, 1889.
17a. Mrs. Dominy, 1889.
17b. Peter Keegan, Marine Observer, Fire Island, 1889.
18a. Marine Observers Tower, Fire Island, 1889.
18b. The Lighthouse, Fire Island, 1889.
19a. Fire Island, 1889.
19b. Fire Island, 1889.
20a. Fire Island, 1889.
20b. Fire Island, 1889.
21a. Fire Island, 1889.
21b. Fire Island, 1889.
22a. Fire Island, 1889.
22b. Fire Island, 1889.
23a. Fire Island, 1889.
23b. Fire Island, 1889.
24a. Fire Island, 1889.
24b. Fresh Air Children, White Creek, 1889.
25a. Fresh Air Children, White Creek, 1889.
25b. Fresh Air Children, White Creek, 1889.
26a. Fresh Air Children, White Creek, 1889.
26b. The Earl Crematory - Oakwood - 1889.
27a. The Earl Crematory, Oakwood, 1889.
27b. The Earl Crematory - Oakwood - 1889.
28a. The Earl Crematory, Oakwood - 1889
28b. Oakwood - 1889.
29a. The Earl Crematory, Oakwood, 1889.
29b. The Earl Crematory. Oakwood. 1889.
30a. Main Entrance, Oakwood - 1889.
30b. The Lake, Oakwood - 1889.
31a. The Ravine, Oakwood. 1889.
31b. The Ravine, Oakwood. 1889.
32a. Oakwood. 1889.
32b. The Ravine, Oakwood. 1889.
33a. President Smith's Residence - 1890
33b. President Smith's Conservatory - 1890.
34a. Supt. Boetcher's Residence - 1890.
34b. Washington Park - 1890.
35a. [Portrait of man's face poking through front page of Troy Daily Times]
35b. [Portrait of girl]
35c. [Portrait of boy]
35d. [Portrait of two girls]
35e. [Full-length portrait of child with stuffed animal]
35f. [Portait of woman]
36a. [Portrait of woman's face poking through front page of Troy Daily Times]
36b. [Portait of two girls]
36c. [Portrait of young man]
36d. [Portrait of young woman]
37a. The Cascade, North Adams, Mass. 1890.
37b. My "Den" - 1890
38a. Washington Park - 1890.
38b. Second Street - 1890
39a. The Cascade - No. Adams - 1890
39b. "Lo! the poor Indian" - J.M.F. jr.
40a. View near North Adams. - 1890.
40b. Reception Room - 191 Second St. 1890.
41a. Our Kidlets - 1890. - Flash Light.
41b. Our Kidlets - 1890 - Flash Light
42a. Supt. Boetcher's Residence - 1890.
42b. President Smith's Residence. 1890.
43a. [Townhouse]
43b. [Townhouse with man standing on sidewalk]

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