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Armor (Tatami Gusoku) with Sword, Sword Carrier, Dagger, and Spear

17th–18th century
Armor: iron, lacquer, silk, gilt copper; dagger: steel, shark skin, bronze, gold, lacquer; foot defenses: iron, leather; sword: steel; sword carrier: leather, silk, textile; spear: steel, wood, mother-of-pearl, lacquer, silver, bear fur
H. of armor 63 in. (160.0 cm)
Armor for Man
Credit Line:
armor: Gift of Bashford Dean, 1914; dagger: Gift of Brayton Ives and W.T. Walters, 1891; foot defenses: Rogers Fund, 1904; sword: Bequest of George C. Stone, 1935; sword carrier: Gift of Dr. George M. Lefferts, 1910
Accession Number:
14.100.538a–k; 04.4.49, .50; 36.25.1753...
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 378
Armor of the “folding” (tatami) type could be contained in a small box and easily transported by one man. For this reason, it usually was intended for low-ranking infantrymen. However, the gold lacquer decoration and silk brocade lining of this example are unusual for armors of this type and suggest that it was used by a samurai serving the Date family of Sendai, from whose armory it comes.
Ex coll.: armor: Date family armory, Sendai, Japan; [?]; Bashford Dean, New York; dagger: Brayton Ives and William Thomas Walters; sword: George Cameron Stone; sword carrier: Dr. George M. Lefferts.
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