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明/清 項聖謨 秋景圖 冊頁
Autumn Landscape

Xiang Shengmo (Chinese, 1597–1658)
Qing dynasty (1644–1911)
Leaf from a collective album of many leaves; ink and color on paper
9 3/4 x 13 in. (24.8 x 33 cm)
Credit Line:
Seymour Fund, 1964
Accession Number:
Not on view
This painting and its accompanying inscription belonged to an album made for the noted Nanjing collector and high official Zhou Lianggong (1612–1672). A leading patron of contemporary artists, Zhou assembled a number of these albums during the last twenty-five years of his life, when his career required him to travel extensively. Such collaborative works have long been a means for a group of artists to commemorate special occasions, but Zhou’s albums, which sometimes encompassed hundreds of contributions, fulfilled a different function: they included works by professionals and scholar-amateurs, Ming loyalists and Qing officials, traditionalist orthodox painters and innovative individualists. By inviting a wide spectrum of artists to both view and contribute to these albums, Zhou created a unique forum for artists to learn from and appraise one another’s productions.
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Inscription: Artist’s inscription and signature (2 columns in standard and semi-cursive scripts)

Painted on the first day of the ninth lunar month in the jiawu year (October 10, 1654). Xiang Shengmo


Artist’s seal


Other inscription on the painting

Wu Guodui 吳國對 (1616–1680), 5 columns in standard script, undated; 1 seal:

吳子見而喜之。 晴酣霜老秋何處? 紫到山嵐紅到樹。 兩兩寒鴉噪晚風,
無人指點斜陽路。 [印]:玉隨


1. Wu Yun 吳雲 (1811–1883), 2 columns in semi-cursive script, undated; 1 seal (on left brocade border):

此冊十二幀為過雲樓所藏。主人以題中有“吳子見而喜之”一語, 欲舉以為贈。余不敢奪人所好,遂題數語歸之。他日或當走取,書此作息壤可乎?一笑。 [印]:吳雲私印

2. Hongding 弘鼎 (mid-17th c.), 9 columns in semi-cursive script, undated; 2 seals (on separate leaf):

孔彰先生曾寫石數幅,索余題。其玲瓏處皆實,其平夷處皆奇,摠摠意在筆先,不可思議。米顛之愛,是石非石,孔彰之畫,亦是石非石。此幅多樹一山,而有煙雲磅薄之致。正使它人作滿紙溪山,不能加其毫米,所謂以少許勝多多許,只在神韻迥別耳。野廬一鴉觀偶識。 [印]:學圃、弘鼎

Collectors’ seals

Wang Jiqian 王季遷 (C. C. Wang, 1907–2003)

[ Mi Chou Gallery , New York, 1964; sold to MMA]
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