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明/清 陳洪綬、陳字 雜畫 冊 絹本
Figures, flowers, and landscapes

leaves a–d by Chen Hongshou (Chinese, 1599–1652)
leaves e–k by Chen Zi (Chinese, 1634–1711)
late Ming dynasty (1368–1644)–early Qing (1644–1911) dynasty
one leaf dated 1627
Album of eleven leaves; ink and color on silk
Image: 8 3/4 x 8 9/16 in. (22.2 x 21.7 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Wan-go H. C. Weng, 1999
Accession Number:
Not on view
This album contains a rare self-portrait that reflects Chen Hongshou's mood after enduring a number of personal tragedies. Four years earlier, in 1623, Chen's first wife died and he failed the provincial examinations; he would try and fail again in 1638. Depicting himself in the conventional guise of the dejected scholar who seeks solace in drink, Chen makes no mention of these misfortunes in his accompanying inscription; instead, he writes of the thousands of miles of territory recently lost to Manchu encroachments in the northeast and of his fears that roving outlaw bands might steal his crops.

But there is still time to get drunk, he writes, and he invites his friend Ping, to whom the painting is dedicated, to join him.
Inscription: Artists’ inscriptions and signatures[1]

Leaf A (5 columns in semi-cursive script):

Again we have lost several thousand li of [national] territory. Shall we ever talk about this yet again? I feel lucky to have some land to farm as an outsider, but worry that armed rebels who are rising up in the Wu and Yue regions [modern Jiangsu and Zhejiang] will rob my granary. In the meanwhile there is still time to drink to our hearts’ content, and I will certainly go visit you. The Zhu brothers have all asked me to send their regards. Please remember me to the venerable Zong [Zhang Dai, 1597–1679] and Yan [Zhang Yanke, active mid-17th c.]. To my learned brotherly friend Ping [Zhang Pingzi, active mid-17th c.]. Your junior, Hongshou.


Leaf B (1 column in semi-cursive script):

Painted as a study for Mr. Kexian. Chen Hongshou


Leaf C (3 columns in semi-cursive script, dated 1627):

Tall wutong and old osmanthus trees shade the streets from the sky.
Brewing tea with water saved from early summer rain delights me.
[A painting] was drawn for a visitor to hang on his wall.
In flying snow and cold moonlight someone sits in an empty studio.

On a pure summer day in the dingmao year, Hongshou.


Leaf D (1 column in semi-cursive script):

A branch of plum blossoms painted by Hongshou in celebration.


Leaf K (2 columns in semi-cursive script):

Portrait of the seventh arhat after Guanxiu [active ca. 940], presented for your advice. Xiaolian, Wuyan [Chen Zi].


Artists’ seals

Chen Hongshou 陳洪綬
Hongshou 洪綬 [Leaf A, B, C]
Hongshou 洪綬 [Leaf D]
Chen Zi 陳字
Xiaolian 小蓮 [Leaf K]

Label strip

Unidentified artist, 1 column in semi-cursive script, undated (mounted on brocade cover):


Weng Tonghe 翁同龢 (1830–1904), 5 columns in clerical script, dated 1887; 1 seal:

光緒丁亥十二月十有六日常熟翁同龢得此因題。[印]: 常熟翁同龢摩挲審定


1. Unidentified artist, 1 column in standard script, undated [Leaf K]:


2. Weng Tonghe翁同龢 (1830–1904), 10 columns in semi-cursive script, dated 1887; 2 seals [after frontispiece]:

老蓮,勝國遺民,每飯不忘君國。予家有所畫《三友圖》,蓋入本朝後作,題詩絕悽惋。此冊丁卯[1627]年作,丁卯天啓七年也。時先生才二十九,而首葉數行沉痛若此。嗚呼!先生其三閭之流歟。其子無名亦高士,筆法蕭散,無愧門風。丁亥除夕同龢記。[印]: 翁同龢印、救虎閣主

[1] Translations by Shi-yee Liu.
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