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Painted wooden panel of Tabakenkhonsu

Late Period, Kushite
Dynasty 25
ca. 680–670 B.C.
From Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Deir el-Bahri, Temple of Hatshepsut, Hathor Shrine, pit in hypostyle hall, Egypt Exploration Fund excavations, 1894–95
Wood, gesso, paint
H.. 31.1 cm (12 1/4 in); W. 26.7 cm (10 1/2 in)
Credit Line:
Gift of Egypt Exploration Fund, 1896
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 125
As part of the burial equipment, funerary stelae made a prayer for offerings for the maintenance of the deceased. In addition to forms of Osiris, Re-Harakhty and Atum—as the rising and setting sun and thus connected with continued life—are particularly favored focal gods. In contrast to stelae of the Third Intermediate Period, usually a more subdued coloring and a more standardized style are adopted in this period.

This stela depicts the woman Tabakenkhonsu led by the god Thoth being presented to Isis and Osiris beneath the body of the goddess Nut arching over the top of the stela. An offering of Geb is recorded. Tabakenkhonsu's father's name is damaged, but her mother was Tami.
Above Isis:

As.t mw.t-nTr

Isis, God's mother

Above Osiris:

Dd mdw jn wsjr nb nHH nswt tA.wj Hr.j-tp-jdb.w Di=f Htp(.w) nb

Words spoken by Osiris, Lord of Eternity, King of the Two Lands, Overlord of the Shores, may have give all offerings

Abvoe Thoth:

nb-xmn.w nb mdw.w(-nTr) nb p.t

Lord of Hermopolis, Lord of Divine Words, Lord of Heaven

Above woman:

nb(.t)-pr (t)A-bAk-xns.w

Mistress of the House, (T)abaketkhonsu

Main inscription:

Htp Di nswt gb jr.j-pa.t nTr.w Di=f pr.t-xrw t' Hnq.t kA.w Apd.w snTr Ss mnx.t mD(.t) (j)x[.t] nb(.t) nfr(.t) wab(.t) (j)x.t nb(.t) nDm bnj n kA n wsjr nb(.t) pr Sps(.t) tA-bAk-xns.w mAa(.t) xrw zA.t [Hm-nTr] Hr.w mw.t=s nb.t pr Sps(.t) tA-mjw.t jmAx(.jt) x(r) wsjr

Offering which the king gives (and) Geb, Noblest of Gods, may he give invocation offerings: bread, beer, bulls, owl, incense, alabaster, linen, oil, and every good and pure thing, every sweet and pleasant thing, to the soul of Osiris Mistress of the House, the Noblewoman, Tabakenkhonsu, true of voice, daughter of the priest Hor, whose mother is the Mistress of the House, Tamiut, who is venerated before Osiris.

Niv Allon 2015
Naville Excavations sponsored by the Egypt Exploration Fund. Acquired by the EEF in the division of finds. Given by the EEF to the Museum for its contribution to the excavations, 1896.

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