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Stela of Nebamun

New Kingdom
Dynasty 18
reign of Thutmose III–Amenhotep II
ca. 1479–1400 B.C.
From Egypt; Probably from Upper Egypt, Thebes
Limestone, paint
Preserved H. 30 cm (11 13/16 in); w. 29 cm (11 7/16 in)
Credit Line:
Gift of James Douglas, 1890
Accession Number:
On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 117
The stela depicts the overseer of the storehouse of Amun, Nebamun and his wife Huy. They praise the god Osiris who is seated at the left.
Above the seated image of Osiris:
Wsjr HqA D.t nTr aA nswt anx.w
Osiris, Ruler of Eternity, the Great God, King of the Living
Above the two standing figures:
jm.j-r'-Sna.w n jmn nb-jmn Dd=f
jnD Hr=k kA-jmn.tjt HqA nfr nb D.t jj.n=i xr=k sqA(=i) tw swAS(=i) nfr.w=k Di=k Htp=i m s.t n.t nHH zmy.t Hz.w jmn nn grg jm=f
Overseer of the Storehouse of Amun Nebamun, as he says:
Hail to you, bull of the west, perfect ruler, lord of eternity, I have before you, so that I may exlat you and pay honor to your perfection. May I rest in the place of eternity—the nercopolis—(in) the favor of Amun. (For), my heart - there is no lie within it.
Next to the wife:
Hm.t=f nb.t pr mr.t=f Hwj Dd(.t) n=s
His wife, mistress of the house, his beloved, Huy, whom one calls...
Collection of Dr. James Douglas, Quebec City. This piece was probably acquired between 1851–1865, when he is known to have traveled and collected in Egypt. Donated to the Museum by his son James S. Douglas, 1890.

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