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Glass krater (mixing bowl)

2nd–1st century B.C.
Glass; cast and cut
Overall: 6 1/2 in. (16.5 cm) Diam.: 11 in. (27.9 cm)
Credit Line:
Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917
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  • Description

    Translucent deep honey yellow.
    Outsplayed horizontal rim with slightly rounded edge; hemispherical body with convex curving sides; small, slightly convex bottom on interior; applied tall, outsplayed base with a solid, cylindrical stem with slightly concave profile, a deep concave bottom, and a thick vertical outer edge.
    On upper edge of rim, two broad concentric grooves; on interior, a single broad horizontal groove below rim; on exterior, three concentric grooves around bottom and applied base; on base, a single broad horizontal groove below stem, another around top of outer edge, and a third groove in vertical edge.
    Broken and repaired, with many small areas missing, especially in body; a few pinprick and larger bubbles; patches of thick creamy weathering and elsewhere some dulling and iridescence.
    Rotary grinding marks on interior and exterior of both body and base. One small jagged piece of same-colored glass is attached to the bottom of the base.

    This large footed bowl, possibly used for mixing wine, belongs to a small group of luxury glass vessels that remains problematic, for neither their date nor their place of manufacture have yet been precisely ascertained.

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