Portrait of a Venetian Senator

Catena (Vincenzo di Biagio) (Italian, Venetian, active by 1506–died 1531)

ca. 1525
Oil on canvas
27 1/4 x 24 in. (69.2 x 61 cm)
Credit Line:
Theodore M. Davis Collection, Bequest of Theodore M. Davis, 1915
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  • Gallery Label

    The sitter is unidentified, but was at one time wrongly regarded as Doge Andrea Gritti (1454–1538), who is represented by Catena in a painting in the National Gallery, London. The picture dates from about 1525.

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  • Provenance

    [Georges Brauer, Florence, until 1901, as by Catena, formerly attributed to Gentile Bellini; sold for $10,000 to Davis]; Theodore M. Davis, Newport, R.I. (1901–d. 1915; his estate, on loan to the MMA, 1915–30)

  • Exhibition History

    Worcester Art Museum. Winter 1901–2, no. 15 (as "Portrait," by Catena, lent by Theodore M. Davis).

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Winter 1903–4, no catalogue? (lent by Theodore M. Davis) [see Chalfin 1903].

    Minneapolis. University Gallery, University of Minnesota. "Renaissance and Baroque Painting," June 25–July 26, 1952, no catalogue?

    New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Venetian Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum," May 1–September 2, 1974, no catalogue.

    Bellingham, Wash. Whatcom Museum of History and Art. "5000 Years of Art: An Exhibition from the Collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art," December 4, 1976–October 2, 1977, no. 44 (as "Portrait of a Venetian Procurator").

  • References

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