Tapestry Room from Croome Court

Designer: Room after a design by Robert Adam (British, Kirkcaldy, Scotland 1728–1792 London)

Manufacturer: Tapestries and furniture covers manufactured by Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins (French, established 1662)

Factory director: Factory administrator: Jacques Neilson (French, 1714–1788)

Designer: Tapestry and seat furniture designs possibly by Jacques Germain Soufflot (French, Irancy 1713–1780 Paris) of the Royal Gobelins Manufactory

Designer: Tapestry medallions after designs by François Boucher (French, Paris 1703–1770 Paris)

Maker: Furniture and curtain cornices made by William Ince (British, active ca. 1758/59–1794, died 1804)

Maker: and John Mayhew (British, 1736–1811)

Maker: for the firm Ince and Mayhew (British, London 1758/9–1811)

Designer: Tapestry borders and seat covers designed by Maurice Jacques (French, 1712–1784)

Designer: and Louis Tessier (French, 1719/20–1781)

Maker: Chair rails and paneling carved by Sefferin Alken (active 1744, died ca. 1783)

Maker: Plaster ceiling and cornice moldings by Joseph Rose (1746–1799)

Maker: Chimneypiece by John Wildsmith (active 1757–69)

Maker: with frieze carved by Joseph Wilton (British, London 1722–1803 London)

Maker: Grate basket and fender by Thomas Blockley

Maker: Doors by John Hobcraft

Maker: Marquery commode made by Peter Langlois (French, active 1759–81, worked in England 1760–70)

Date: 1763–71

Culture: British, Worcestershire with French, Paris (Gobelins) tapestry

Medium: Plaster, pine, mahogany, bronze-gilt, marble, lapis lazuli, steel; wool and silk (22-24 warps per inch, 9-10 per centimeter)

Dimensions: H. 27 ft. 1 in. (825.5 cm), W. 22 ft. 8 in. (690.9 cm), D. 13 ft. 10 3/4 in. (423.5 cm)

Classification: Woodwork

Credit Line: Gift of Samuel H. Kress Foundation, 1958

Accession Number: 58.75.1–.22


Designed in 1763, the plaster ceiling of this room, with its ornamental wheel molding and garlanded trophies, is an example of Robert Adam's vigorous early style. The same year, the sixth earl of Coventry commissioned the tapestry hangings from Jacques Neilson's workshop at the Royal Gobelins Manufactory in Paris. Portraying scenes from classical myths symbolizing the elements, the medallions are based on designs by François Boucher. The gilded frames of the seat furniture were made in London by the cabinetmakers John Mayhew and William Ince in 1769, while the tapestry covers were executed at the Gobelins factory.