Donation Stela of Shebitqo

Period: Late Period, Kushite

Dynasty: Dynasty 25

Reign: reign of Shebitqo

Date: ca. 707–690 BC

Geography: Possibly from Nubia; From Egypt and Sudan

Medium: Limestone

Dimensions: h. 30.5 cm (12 in); w. 31.1 cm (12 1/4 in); th. 6 cm (2 3/8 in)

Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1965

Accession Number: 65.45


Shebitqo, a son of Piye and nephew of Shabaqo, succeeded the latter on the throne. Unlike the Egyptian order of succession from father to the son of the chief queen, Kushite pharaohs were succeeded by their brothers or nephews. They maintained control of the powerful priesthood of Amun at Thebes by appointing other brothers and sisters to the offices of High Priest and God's Wife of Amun. Like the other Nubian pharaohs, Shebitqo was buried in Nubia at el-Kurru.

This donation stele, like that of Shabaqo (55.144.6), shows the king making a donation on behalf of a local ruler of the eastern Delta. The text is lost but the top half of the stele shows the king offering to the god Horus and the goddess Hathor.