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Curatorial Fellows

Meet the Fellows of the American Wing

Katie Loney

Douglass Foundation Fellow

Katie Loney is a Ph.D. candidate in History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in nineteenth-century art and design of the U.S. and the Anglo-Indian world. In the American Wing, she is undertaking dissertation research that reexamines the work of Lockwood de Forest and the Ahmedabad Wood Carving Company in relation to the global circulation of luxury goods. 

Louisa Raitt

Marica and Jan Vilcek Curatorial Fellow

Louisa Raitt is a Ph.D. candidate in the History of Art at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, focusing on 15th- to 18th-century art of the Spanish World. Her research involves artistic expressions of religio-political controversies, the fabrication and trade of export objects, and production and collection as vehicles of self-fashioning. In the American Wing, she pursues projects related to Colonial Latin American art.

Ramey Mize

Douglass Foundation Fellow

Ramey Mize is a Ph.D. candidate in the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in nineteenth-century U.S., Latin American, and Native American art. Her dissertation, “Battle Grounds: Painting, War, and Witness in American Visual Culture, 1861–1901,” illuminates the multiplicity of artistic representations and challenges surrounding three conflicts that shaped American history: the U.S. Civil War, the Black Hills War, and the Spanish-Cuban-American-Filipino War.