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Objects Conservation

The Sherman Fairchild Center for Objects Conservation provides for the conservation of three-dimensional works of art in The Met collection. More than 30 conservators and conservation preparators conduct their work in purpose-built facilities located in the Henry R. Kravis Wing. The department is equipped with a variety of imaging and analytical tools for the investigation of historic developments in the materials and technologies used in the creation of works of art, the documentation of their state of preservation, the specification of appropriate parameters for their safe storage and exhibition, and the development and implementation of treatments. Staff members provide conservation support on a number of archaeological excavations, including those sponsored by the Museum, as well as on other international projects.

The department has a long history of supporting the education of future conservators and furthering the profession. Staff members serve as adjunct faculty at the nearby Conservation Center of New York University, as well as teaching at a number of other institutions in the United States and abroad. The department hosts interns from many conservation training programs and awards annual postgraduate fellowships to conservators and other scholars. Staff members are active in the professional community, serving as leaders in national and international organizations, publishing the results of their work, and delivering lectures to colleagues and to the public.

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