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Dasoja of Balligrama
first quarter of the 12th century
India (probably Lucknow)
mid-19th century
India (probably Bihar)
late 6th–early 7th century
Eastern India (Bihar, probably Nalanda)
7th–early 8th century
Eastern India, Bihar, probably Gaya district
second half of the 9th century
North India (Uttar Pradesh, Mathura)
3rd–early 4th century
India (Jammu & Kashmir, ancient kingdom of Kashmir)
9th–10th century
India, Tamil Nadu
second half of the 8th–early 9th century
North India (possibly Kausambi, Uttar Pradesh)
2nd century BCE
India (Gujarat or Rajasthan)
first half of the 11th century
5th century
India (probably Andhra Pradesh)
ca. 1st century BCE
probably Indian, Murshidabad
ca. 1790
Southern India, Tamil Nadu, probably Thanjavur district
ca. 1700–1750
grip, Indian; guard, scabbard, and decoration on blade, Turkish; blade, Iranian
grip, 18th or 19th century; guard and scabbard, 19th century; blade, dated A.H. 1099/1688 CE; decoration on blade, 19th century
Indian, Deccan, probably Bijapur (Vijayapur)
17th century
India (probably Uttar Pradesh)
9th century
India (Bihar, probably Nalanda)
11th century
India (Gujarat, Patan)
last quarter of 16th century
Indian, probably Rajastan
ca. 1800
India, Uttar Pradesh, probably Kaushambi
2nd–1st century BCE
India (probably Bengal)
late 12th century
India (Himachal Pradesh, probably Chamba Valley)
12th century
probably Indian; hilt and scabbard, Indian, probably Lucknow
hilt and scabbard, dated 1819; blade, 18th century
1st century BCE–early 1st century CE
Indian, probably Deccan
mid-17th century
Bangladesh or India (Bengal)
11th century
India, Chandraketugarh, West Bengal
1st century BCE
India, Rajasthan, probably Mewar
India, Himachal Pradesh, Kangra
ca. 1800
India, Rajasthan, Kota
ca. 1700
India, Kota, Rajasthan
mid-18th century
India, Rajasthan, Kota
mid-18th century
Mahavihara Master
early 12th century
India (Gujarat, Patan)
last quarter of 16th century
Afghanistan (probably Hadda)
5th–6th century
ca. 1780
19th century
late 18th century
India, Kashmir
mid-9th century