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verso: ca. 1620; recto ca. 1540
verso: ca. 1615–20; recto: ca. 1535–45
recto: ca. 1540; verso: ca. 1615–20
recto: ca. 1610–15; verso: ca. 1535–45
ca. 1595–96
ca. 1595–1600
ca. 1610
al Hakim Abu 'Ali al Mansur
388 AH/998 CE
dated 374 AH/983–84 CE
ca. 410 AH/1019–20 CE
Amir Khusrau Dihlavi
second half 17th century
recto: ca. 1645; verso: ca. 1630–40
8th century
12th century
10th–11th century
10th–11th century
Abu'l Hasan
recto: ca. 1610–15; verso ca. 1540
ca. 1585
late 10th century
late 8th century
ca. 1650
last quarter 18th century
ca. 975–96
Amir Khusrau Dihlavi
Sharaf al-din 'Ali Yazdi
Dhu'l Hijja 839 AH/June–July 1436 CE
10th century
10th century
dated 375 AH/985–86 CE
366–87 AH/976–97 CE
387–89 AH/997–98 CE
dated 320 AH/932–33 CE
dated 358 AH/968 CE
366–87 AH/976–97 CE
366–87 AH/976–97 CE
Early Master at the Mandi Court
ca. 1635–50
Abu'l Hasan
dated 1600–1601
Farrukh Beg
ca. 1615
dated 358 AH/969 CE
dated 376 AH/986 CE