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grip, Indian; guard, scabbard, and decoration on blade, Turkish; blade, Iranian
grip, 18th or 19th century; guard and scabbard, 19th century; blade, dated A.H. 1099/1688 CE; decoration on blade, 19th century
blade, possibly Iranian; guard and decoration on blade, Turkish; grip, Indian
blade, 18th–19th century; guard and decoration on blade, 19th century; grip, 18th century
Grip and guard, Turkish, Ottoman; blade, European
Grip and guard, late 17th century; blade, 17th century
Hilt and scabbard, Turkish; Blade, Iranian
late 16th–17th century
Hilt, Indian, Mughal; blade, Turkish or Indian
late 17th century
Turkish, probably Istanbul
Ahmed Tekelü
ca. 1525–30
Acem Oglu
19th century
blade dated 1656
hilt and guard, Turkish; grip, Indian
hilt and guard, 19th century; grip, possibly 18th century
ca. 7th century CE
Hilt, Turkish or North African; blade, Iranian
hilt and scabbard, 19th century; blade, probably late 18th–early 19th century
blade and mounting, 19th century; sword guard, 16th century
probably Indian; hilt and scabbard, Indian, probably Lucknow
hilt and scabbard, dated 1819; blade, 18th century
Turkish; grip, Indian
1808–39; grip, 18th–19th century
hilt and scabbard, probably Spanish; blade, German, Solingen
ca. 1790–1800
18th–19th century
James Morisset
hallmarked for 1796–97
James Morisset
hallmarked for 1797–98
Martin-Guillaume Biennais
ca. 1814
blade, ca. 16th–17th century; hilt, scabbard, and belt, ca. early 18th–mid-19th century
John Ray and James Montague
hallmarked for 1802–03
C. Liger
hallmarked for 1785–86
Richard Teed
dated 1805
Sri Lanka
18th century
William Rose Sr., 1783–1856
Indian, Rajasthan
18th–mid-19th century
17th–18th century
Ames Manufacturing Company
ca. 1865
12th–early 13th century
French, Paris
ca. 1851
18th century