Childe Hassam: American Impressionist

Weinberg, H. Barbara, with contributions by Elizabeth E. Barker, Elizabeth Block, Elizabeth Broun, Kathleen M. Burnside, Stephanie L. Herdrich, Erica E. Hirshler, Megan Holloway, Susan G. Larkin, Lisa Miller, Kimberly Orcutt, Dana Pilson, and Carol Troyen (2004)

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Book of the Year Award (ForeWord) in Art (2004)

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Childe Hassam: American Impressionist

Childe Hassam (1859–1935), the leader of American Impressionism, was the movement's most devoted, prolific, and successful practitioner and promoter. Among the first Americans to catch the spirit of the new French painting, he became the principal Impressionist chronicler of New York City, modern America's most distinctive subject. At the same time, he encoded in his New England scenes the prevailing nostalgia for a simpler, earlier time.

Born in historic Dorchester, Massachusetts, now part of Boston, Hassam was descended from settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. "Hassam" was derived from the English name "Horsham." Early in his career, he discarded his given name, Frederick, in favor of his distinctive middle name...