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Egyptian Stone Vessels: Khian through Tuthmosis IV
Lilyquist, Christine, with contributions by Edward W. Castle (1995)
This title is out of print.

Information from stone vases aids archaeology, history, and comparative archaeology. The length of reign and place of burial for most rulers of the first half of Egyptian Dynasty 18 is debated, and some genealogies and lifespans of royal family members are uncertain. However, vessels have been one of the means used to establish and explain the meager information that exists. This volume seeks to document shapes, materials, and inscriptions for Egyptian stone vessels either from royal tombs or inscribed with royal names from Dynasty 15 (1648–1540 B.C.) to halfway through Dynasty 18 (1550–1295 B.C.). Also included in this volume is a full chronology, 4 appendices, and a select bibliography.

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