Terry Winters: Printed Works

Rosenthal, Nan (2001)

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Terry Winters: Printed Works

Born in 1949, the American artist Terry Winters is primarily known for his paintings and drawings. He is also, however, one of the most distinguished printmakers working today. He has explored a wide range of media at workshops such as Universal Limited Art Editions in West Islip, Long Island, and the Aldo Crommelynck studio in Paris. The exhibition contains a variety of lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, and linoleum cuts, and features individual prints as well as complete portfolios of closely related works. On view for the first time in New York is Winters's 1998 portfolio Set of Ten, etchings issued this year with Perfection, Way, Origin, a text by Swiss literary critic and Jean-Jacques Rousseau scholar Jean Starobinski. This text has just been published in limited-edition book form. The book, which contains twenty-eight additional etchings by Winters, is also in the exhibition.