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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 30, no. 5 (April–May, 1972)
Barnhard, Richard, Marilynn Johnson Bordes, Richard Ettinghausen, Everett Fahy, Henry Geldzahler, Mary Glaze, Maxwell Hearn, Colta Ives, Phyllis D. Massar, A. Hyatt Mayor, Douglas Newton, Harvey Stahl, Marie Swietochowski, and Renata Villein (1972)
This title is out of print.
Table of contents

Thomas Hoving

"Rembrandt from Prints and People"
A. Hyatt Mayor

"Sculpture from Oceania"
Douglas Newton

"35 Photographs by Edward Weston"
Phyllis D. Massar

"Jean Arp"
Henry Geldzahler

"Selected Manuscript Paintings"
Harvey Stahl

"Italy, Too Late to Be Saved?"

"Chinese Calligraphy: The Inner World of the Brush"
Richard Barnhart

"Gerard David"
Everett Fahy

"France in Color"
Renata Villein

"Two American Wing Exhibitions"
Marilynn Johnson Bordes and Mary Glaze

"A Famous Persian Manuscript"
Marie L. Swietochowski and Richard Ettinghausen

"Calligraphy West of China and Japanese Screens"
Maxwell Hearn

"Outstanding Recent Accessions"
Colta Ives