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The Scepter of Egypt: A Background for the Study of the Egyptian Antiquities in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vol. 2, The Hyksos Period and the New Kingdom (1675–1080 B.C.)
Hayes, William C. (1978)
This title is out of print.
Table of contents

Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Chronological Table

I. The Hyksos Domination

1. The Hyksos
2. The Thebans
3. The Arts and Crafts of Northern Egypt under the Hyksos
4. The Arts and Crafts of Upper Egypt during the Hyksos Period
5. Objects of Unknown Provenience Datable to the Hyksos Period
6. The Pan-Grave People and Their Possessions

II. The Rise of the New Kingdom

1. A'h-mose I and Queen A'h-mose Nefret-iry
2. Amun-hotpe I and His Family
3. Officials and Other Prominent Citizens of the Time
4. Products of the Early Eighteenth Dynasty Ateliers

III. The Thutmoside Pharoahs: Thut-mose I to Hat-shepsut

1. Thut-mose I and II
2. Hat-shepsut
3. Sen-ne-mut, His Family, and His Associates

IV. The Thutmoside Pharaohs: Thut-mose III and His Successors

1. Thut-mose III, Forger of Empire
2. The Treasure of Three Wives of Thut-mose III
3. Amun-hotpe II and Thut-mose IV

V. Private Works of Art and Craftsmanship Produced during the Thutmoside Period

1. Statues and Statuettes
2. Tomb Reliefs, Paintings, Stelae, and Votive Plaques
3. Ostraka with Paintings, Drawings, and Inscriptions
4. Jewelry
5. Clothing, Coiffure, and Cosmetics
6. Musical Instruments and Games
7. Housefurnishings
8. Weapons and Tools
9. Funerary Equipment

VI. The Reign of Amun-hotpe III

1. The King and His Monuments
2. Queen Teye and Her Family
3. The Contemporaries of Amun-hotpe III and Their Possessions
4. The Rise of the Aten

VII. The 'Amarneh Period and Its Aftermath

1. Akh-en-Aten
2. Semenkh-ku-Re' and Meryet-Aten
3. Tut-'ankh-Aten Becomes Tut-'ankh-Amun
4. The God's Father Ay
5. Hor-em-heb and the Restoration
6. The Late Eighteenth Dynasty in Art and Craftsmanship

VIII. The Nineteenth Dynasty

1. Ramesses I and Sethy I
2. Ramesses "the Great"
3. Contemporaries of Ramesses II and Their Monuments
4. Mery-en-Ptah Averts Disaster
5. The End of the Dynasty

IX. The Later Ramessides

1. The Rise of the Twentieth Dynasty
2. The Last Great Pharaoh of the New Kingdom
3. The Aspirations of Ramesses IV
4. Disintegration under Ramesses V–X
5. Ramesses XI and the End of the New Kingdom

X. The Art and Culture of the Ramesside Period

1. Figure Sculpture
2. Stelae and Other Forms of Relief Sculpture
3. Paintings and Drawings
4. Ostraka with Inscriptions
5. Jewelry
6. Coiffure, Make-up, and Games
7. Household Furnishings
8. The Professions and Crafts
9. Funerary Art
10. The Literature of the Later New Kingdom


Indexes of Proper Names
A. Egyptian and Foreign Kings
B. Egyptian and Foreign Personal Names
C. Divinities
D. Geographic and Ethnic Names

General Index

Selective List of Approximate Dates of Dynasties and Rulers of the Pharaonic Period

List of Accession Numbers and Credit Lines


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