Kristen and Ethan
August 7, 2012

Kristen and Ethan. Framed!, 2012. Digital photograph.

«Inspired by the photography, film, and video exhibition Spies in the House of Art, we spent our final Teen Advisory Group meeting of the summer roaming around the Met's galleries with cameras in search of subjects for our own artwork.» We took lots of photographs (see a slideshow of some of them) and chose to feature one of our favorites in this blog post.

In our photograph above, the sculpture Perseus with the Head of Medusa is visible in the Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court through an archway, which acts as a frame. The natural light falling on the sculpture makes it appear very bright. A man, cast in shadow, studies a map in the foreground.

This photograph appealed to us because of its contrasts, particularly the one between the bright sculpture and the man in shadow. We were also intrigued by the height difference between the enormous statue and comparatively diminutive man.

The Met's architecture serves as a frame for the artwork it contains, and we tried to capture this in both the photograph above and the others we took that day.

View a slideshow of our photographs.

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Kristen is a member of the Museum's Teen Advisory Group.

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Ethan is a member of the Museum's Teen Advisory Group.