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Three Activities for the Three-Day Weekend

Weave on a Mini Loom

Looking for inspiration to make art this weekend? Here are three ideas from #MetKids.

Make a Potato Print

Grab a potato, pencil, paperclip, paint, and a few pieces of paper. Ask an adult to cut the potato into thick slices. Sketch a design on a piece of paper. Then, transfer it by poking holes along the design lines through the paper and into the potato. Use a paper clip to carve the potato along the dotted lines. Apply paint to the potato and stamp the design onto a piece paper. Repeat to make a pattern.

Make a Horn

Make a horn using everyday materials! Take a length of plastic tubing or garden hose. Wrap it into a coil, secure it with duct tape, and then put a funnel in the end. Buzz your lips as you blow into the tube to make sounds.

Weave on a Mini Loom

You will need a piece of cardboard, ruler, pencil, scissors, yarn, tape, and a needle. Make your own loom by cutting half-inch slits into the short ends of a rectangular piece of cardboard. Tape the end of a ball of yarn to the back of the cardboard, then thread the yarn through the first slit and the top (to the front) and then down through the first slit at the bottom (to the back). Bring the yarn up and around the back of the cardboard again and continue wrapping the yarn through the top and bottom slits all the way across. Then weave different colored yarn over and under in the opposite direction.

Have an idea for another fun activity? Ask an adult to share it in the comments below.

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