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The Artist Project: Season 3

At the Season 2 launch of The Artist Project, I was struck by how many artists came up to me and said how much they loved being a part of this initiative. They enjoyed our academic attitude toward their work, an approach that seemed removed from the more glossy side of the contemporary art world. They are right. We address the work of living artists with the same rigor as an ancient tablet, a Chippendale table, or a Rembrandt. We equally enjoy the artists' approach to our work—their surprising choices and thoughtful discussion of what they see and feel from our collection.

Thomas Struth on Chinese Buddhist sculpture, Vik Muniz on our American art storage, Ann Hamilton on a Bamana marionette: each artist in Season 3 delights us with their exploration of the unexpected. Watch them all and discover a different Met through their extraordinary eyes.

The Artist Project is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.


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