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Virtual Symposium—Surrealism Beyond Borders

Nearly from its inception, Surrealism has had an international scope, but perspectives on the movement have been formed primarily through a Western European focus. The exhibition Surrealism Beyond Borders reconsiders the “movement” of Surrealism across boundaries of geography and chronology. This two-day series of conversations with leading scholars and artists continues to explore the issues raised in the exhibition, especially the blind spots, erasures, and challenges, and their consequences for thinking about Surrealism.

Please note: This live event takes place on Zoom. Free, though advance registration is required. Register at the links below. 

Day 1: Thursday, January 20, 1–5:30 pm
Day 2: Friday, January 21, 10 am–1 pm

Note that registration does not guarantee admission once Zoom reaches capacity. The conversations will also be recorded and available to view after the event.

This symposium is presented by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Hyundai Tate Research Centre: Transnational.

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