Artwork of nine people standing in front of colorful plants

P.S. Art 2023: Celebrating the Creative Spirit of New York City Kids

June 13–October 22, 2023
Free with Museum admission
Drawing of a young girl in a blue skirt and red shirt with a background of torn pieces of blue and purple paper.
Self Portrait
Addison Gayle
Grade: PreK
Drawing of a variety of vehicles in blue, yellow, and red.
Savannah Jo Johnson
Grade: PreK
Drawing of a teddy bear with a red shirt on a blue and pink background.
Teddy bear
Zia Horwitz
Grade: PreK
Portrait of a young girl with a surprised expression.
Destiny Asare
Grade: PreK
Painting of a black crown with a brown, grey, and blue abstract background.
Charging Mommy's Crown
Camryn Davis
Grade: PreK
Painting of a yellow owl on a pink background with white dots.
Snowy Owl
Sophia Holban
Grade: K
Drawing of a white ghost with a thin black mustache over a black background.
If Salvador Dalí Was a Ghost
Logan Lin
Grade: K
Drawing of a giraffe in a colorful landscape.
Tinga Tinga Giraffe
Rize Ratliff
Grade: K
A pink colored dinosaur stands on a black road, in front of four skyscrapers. There is an orange helicopter in the sky.
Dino City
Inaya Chaudhary
Grade: K
Portrait of two young boys with brown hair over a blue and pink background.
Myself and Someone Special
Maxwell Balzora
Grade: 1
Clay sculpture of a face.
Javin Basil
Grade: 1
Collage of a koala sitting in a brown tree with green leaves.
Leà’s Koala
Leà Hernandez
Grade: 1
Yellow paper collage featuring a sun.
Malia Ramos
Grade: 1
Portrait of a young boy with brown skin on a rainbow background.
A Happy Feeling
Jonathan Joseph
Grade: 1
Drawing of a young boy with brown skin on a blue background.
Sunshine Brown
Ezekiel Osborn
Grade: 1
Drawing of a colorful, abstract underwater scene.
Under Water
Arielle Dinh
Grade: 1
Collage of a super hero running through a city with a rainbow background.
In the City
Maximus Mciver
Grade: 1
Portrait of a young boy wearing glasses on a red background.
Oliver Bueno
Grade: 1
Collage of an elephant walking across a yellow background with a sun in the corner.
Did you See My Friends?
Nazefa Mayesha
Grade: 2
 Collage of colorful buildings on an orange background.
A Community Called Bushwick
Antonio Rodriguez-Zambrono
Grade: 2
Work featuring objects glued together and painted gold.
Found Object Nevelson
Tajrian Azra, Amari Lewis, Sarai Milien, and Ella Williams
Grade: 2
Drawing of six birds sitting on a branch with a purple background.
Relaxing with Friends
Fatoumata Touray
Grade: 2
A mixed-media peacock puppet with blue, green, and gold details.
A Peacock Puppet
Ember Ryan
Grade: 2
Painting of colorful leaves blowing in the wind.
Benson Lin
Grade: 2
Painting of a building on a blue background.
Joshua Hawon Suh 
Grade: 2
Portrait of a young boy crying on a green background.
Sad Luca
Luca Mouzakitis
Grade: 2
Painting of two fish in a blue pond from an overhead perspective.
Koi Fish from a Bird's-Eye View
Rene Borges III
Grade: 2
Abstract painting featuring shades of blue and black.
Cody Lin
Grade: 2
Picture of a white cat sitting in front of a pair of legs wearing blue sneakers and a bandaid on one knee.
Aboubacar Kante
Grade: 2
Collage of New York City featuring the Statue of Liberty, colorful buildings, and the figure of a woman in a red dress.
Qianle He
Grade: 2
Painting of a tree in autumn with orange leaves.
Tree of Life
Joseph Rivera Gonzalez
Grade: 2
Three dimensional blue bird's head on pink paper.
Blue Jay
Ettore Tommasino
Grade: 3
Portrait of a young boy wearing sunglasses on a yellow background.
Cool Self-Portrait
Bryce Lee
Grade: 3
Collage of two young girls swimming in a lake with a beach behind them.
Memory Collage: At the Beach
Evelina Montgomery
Grade: 3
Collage of a boy wearing headphones and a crown on a white background.
My Friend Jordan
Blake Lopez
Grade: 3
Watercolor of a red, blue, and orange parrot flying over trees with a snake and a beehive in the trees.
Sofia Manukyan
Grade: 3
Watercolor painting of two birds in colorful patterns sitting on branches with a yellow background with a patterned border.
Birds at Peace
Rabseerat Kaur
Grade: 3
Drawing of a dog shaking it's head on a black background with white spots.
Wet Dog
Alison Salas
Grade: 3
Collage of an orange cat and gray squirrel next to a red fire hydrant.
Kavarli Henry
Grade: 3
Collage of a colorful bird with its wings spread sitting on a branch.
Flying Bird
Danna Porfirio
Grade: 3
Drawing of a young boy with black hair.
Mohammed Mehmood
Grade: 4
Portrait of a girl wearing a mask in pastel colors.
My Symbolic Self-Portrait
Zhi Lan Gao
Grade: 4
Drawing of a young girl done in pink with a blue background.
Self Portrait
Naila Parks
Grade: 4
Painting of a girl with brown skin and black hair in a pink dress standing in a garden.
A Cultured Garden
Tamia Gayadeen
Grade: 4
Colorful textiles woven together in a square.
Elody White
Grade: 4
Mixed-media sculpture of a yellow cheetah with brown spots.
Noah Algabyaly, Zakari Jackson, and Mike Nieves-Landy
Grade: 4
Painting of birds, cactuses, and flowers on a dark background.
Desert in the Spring
Ashley Chuquichaico
Grade: 4
Mosaic portrait done in gray on a blue background.
Mosaic Face
Kamel Edwards
Grade: 4
Colorful drawing of a coffee cup on a table using different patterns.
Still Life
David Chung
Grade: 4
Drawing of a girl with her arms held out to her sides surrounded by animals.
Trust in a Wild Future
Anastasia Enriquez
Grade: 5
Painting of a girl on roller skates standing in front of a laudromat.
Skating at Auntie's Laundromat
Cheyenne Vaughan-Pittman
Grade: 5
Drawing of a house done in ink.
Middle Village
Claire Chiaramonte
Grade: 5
 Painting of trees covered in snow with a blue background.
Winter Landscape
Lina Mangual
Grade: 5
Painting of a forest in winter with bare trees and a gray background.
Calm Place
Jena King
Grade: 5
Papier mâché scultpure of a man sitting in front of an easel holding a paintbrush.
Inspirational Figure: My Art Teacher
Ellery Dufrense
Grade: 5
Digital collage of a watermelon done in pinks and greens.
The Tastiest Thing
Joselyn Espinosa
Grade: 5
Collage of a woman in a colorful dress surrounded by patterns.
Shine Bright
Ana Pichardo
Grade: 5
Wire sculpture of an elephant.
Jiya Giri
Grade: 5
Silhouette of a bear decorated with patterns on an orange background.
Stroll In the Park
Kamarie Wilson
Grade: 5
Painting of a white rabbit surrounded by trees and a blue background.
Brigitte Teitelbaum
Grade: 5
Cardboard, paper, and cloth scultpure of a child wearing glasses reading a blue book.
Reading at the Library
Suki Chen
Grade: 5
Still life painting with abstract shapes and various colors.
Lava Life
Sophia Liu
Grade: 6
Painting of an aerial view of several fish swimming in a pond with plants and flowers.
Swimming Softly
Luana Restrepo
Grade: 6
Drawing of figures against a colorful background.
Warmth in the Cold
Abu Bakr Alshataf
Grade: 6
Bust of a young girl with dark brown skin, black hair, and a red and purple shirt.
The Secondary
Adriana Joyles
Grade: 6
Pencil drawing of a girl wearing a mask with hair falling in front of her face.
Serenity's Chaos
Serenity Brown
Grade: 7
Still life painting with green and pink bottles.
Zoe Zhong
Grade: 7
Realistic charcoal drawing of a letter G balloon.
Minahil Chaudhry
Grade: 7
Painting of a bronze lamp with a white lampshade and a black camera.
Lights On
Joshua Chen
Grade: 7
Digital collage of fruits and vegetables put together to form the face of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Lettuce Continue to Think
Hope Chen
Grade: 7
Sneaker drawn with different patterns and colors on a patterned background.
Sneaker Design with Zentangles
Kiley Joseph
Grade: 7
Portrait of a young woman with curly hair against a floral background.
Self Blooming
Janae Adam
Grade: 7
Portrait of a smiling young girl done in pinks and blues.
Mia Kerr
Grade: 8
Charcoal portrait of a young girl with glasses.
Leslie's Self Portrait
Leslie Cortes
Grade: 8
Painting of a young girl with orange hair.
Sophia Zhau
Grade: 8
Pencil drawing of a girl wearing glasses.
Kolette's Self Portrait
Kolette Usera Torres
Grade: 8
Painting of a boy sitting at a red kitchen table holding a picture of another boy.
Josiah and Ben
Josiah Lessie
Grade: 8
Photograph of a woman standing inside a shop surrounded by Chinese New Year decorations.
Feeling of Chinese New Year
Ye Wang
Grade: 8
Painting of an orange cat lying on a bed reaching its paws towards an image of a girl sitting on a planet.
Reaching for the Stars
Allison Lauer
Grade: 8
Pencil still life drawing featuring flowers.
The Mad Flower
Jin Yan Lin
Grade: 8
Sculpture of a white wolf's head with blue eyes.
Flora Farkas
Grade: 8
Pencil drawing of a young boy with glasses.
Lance Lessey
Grade: 8
Still life of a glass, candle holder, and cross done in white on a black background.
Silent Peace
Peter Gonzalez
Grade: 8
Digitial drawing of a child being put together by robot arms.
To Sculpt a Being
Ashley Richard
Grade: 9
Collage of black buildings against a blue and purple background.
Collage City
Andy Hernandez
Grade: 9
Drawing of four frogs on a green table with a plate, glass, and spoon.
Fantastical Landscape
Asha Rivera
Grade: 9
Realistic drawing of a sad young woman wearing glasses.
Amelia Perri
Grade: 9
Photograph of a person drinking tea while looking out a shop window.
Luca Ferrante
Grade: 10
Pencil drawing of a long-necked dinosaur.
Jean Carlos Grullon
Grade: 10
Drawing of a young girl wearing a white shirt and a green hair scarf.
Niabelle Smith
Grade: 10
Black and white photograph of a cracked shell.
Anna Krylova
Grade: 10
Painting of a skeleton arm holding a playing card over a table with pearls, more cards, and a stuffed animal.
The Last Move
Huria Ali
Grade: 10
Pencil drawing of a person laying on a bed with a black cat on top of them.
Self-Portrait with Cat
Seven Hahn-Ott
Grade: 11
Painting of a figure in a relaxed pose surrounded by rainbow colors.
The Luxury Technology Brings Us
Nelli Rojas-Cessa
Grade: 11
Painting of a field with three structures and a blue background.
Christopher Lamar
Grade: 11
Painting of a girl in black and white with colorful hands.
Olivia Okoe
Grade: 11
Black and white portrait of a person wearing a hood.
Alex Perez
Grade: 11
Drawing of a building from a bird's-eye view with a watercolor background.
Minghao Li
Grade: 11
Photograph of a young girl in a hood standing next to a fence with shadows from the fence across her face.
Alexis Spence (photographer) Cheray Jules (subject)
Grade: 11
Painting of a student holding a pen and writing in a notebook while sitting in front of a glowing yellow computer screen.
Under Pressure
Nowshoba Nowshin
Grade: 11
Drawing of a child blowing out birthday candles, with silhouettes of people at the top of each candle.
Time and Age
Stacy Ramlall
Grade: 11
Painting of the inside of a subway car bordered by black and white ceramic tiles.
No Perspective
Norma Pace
Grade: 11
Painting of a glowing, broken lamp with cat ears.
Paulin Kwok or Po Lam Kwok
Grade: 11
Pencil drawing of a corner grocery store.
Typical City Skyline
Alice Murphy
Grade: 11
Painting of a young woman with a baby on her back looking into the distance.
Chasing Tomorrow
Prisca Boadu
Grade: 11
Colored pencil drawing of a variety of different ice cream cones.
All the Ice Cream I Want to Eat
Daniel Lopez
Grade: 11
Painting of two young women asleep on the train.
Sleeping on the D Train
Kathleen Halley
Grade: 11
Sculpture of a robin sitting on a branch.
Melina Ahmad-Herskowit
Grade: 12
Picture of a young boy taking off a realistic-looking mask of a face.
Behind the Mask
Joel Angel
Grade: 12
Painting of a man asleep on a blue couch.
The Exhausted Parent
Jacqueline German
Grade: 12
Drawing of two faces wearing blue masks with pink beads in their hair.
My Sickness
Skyla Abud
Grade: 12
Digital photograph of a city street at night.
New York City Street Photography
Christian Rodriguez
Grade: 12
Pencil drawing of a closet with clothes hanging on top and shoes lined up on the bottom.
My Closet
Zoe Yu
Grade: 12
Pencil drawing of four faces looking distressed or worried.
"Woe is Me"
Misaki Andrade
Grade: 12
Side view of a fox.
Fox with Stray Hairs
Rachel Chen
Grade: 12
Painting of a family of eight people on a bright pink background with trees.
Granny’s Backyard
Django Lewis
Grade: 12
Close up photograph of an eye behind a spray of water.
Marae Kaplan
Grade: 12
Painting of a bakery display.
Food Feeds the Heart
Cherish Williams
Grade: 12
Drawing of several figures and structures in black and white on pieces of wood.
Flow & Outburst
Tristan Vale
Grade: 12
Painting of a face wearing glasses and a sad expression.
Alex Doiban
Grade: 12
Sculpture of black birds bursting out of a pie with a lattice top.
Sophia Gibbins
Grade: 12
Black and white digital photo of houses taking up the entire page in rows.
Neighborhood Walk
Nicholas Rivas
Grade: 12

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Artwork of nine people standing in front of colorful plants