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Painting of young black girls pointing at a creative figure of herself.

P. S. Art 2024: Celebrating the Creative Spirit of New York City Kids

Mixed-media-collage self-portrait of a round-faced white girl with blond hair and wide blue eyes. She faces the viewer and smiles, her teeth emerging from her closed mouth. She wears a bright pink bow in her hair to the right, and the background is blue. Her features are outlined in black pastel strokes.
Princess Marshmallow Rainbow
Delilah Marshall
Grade: PreK
Mixed-media self-portrait of a young boy with light brown skin facing the viewer. He has thick black hair. His mouth is open and he has an open-mouthed, wide-eyed expression of shock on his face. His eyes are black with round blue irises, and thin black eyebrows. The left eyebrow is slightly downward. He wears a shirt with horizontal stripes colored black, yellow, blue, orange, and violet from top to bottom. The background behind him is awash in red to the left, blue to the right, violet and cyan above his head, with a light orange horizontal bar above and black pencil crosshatching at the very top. To his lower left is a vertical pattern of stripes colored blue, violet, blue, and orange from left to right.
Pablo Chamorro Ragama
Grade: K
Mixed-media drawing of a tall building composed of geometric rectangular shapes outlined in white and colored blue, red, green, light blue, and black. The base of the building is at the bottom right side of the image, and the top of the building is fully tilted to the left, like the leaning tower of Pisa. At bottom left on the ground stands a collage of a woman wearing a red flannel shirt, a white beret decorated with a flower, and blue pants. She smiles and faces the viewer with her arms extended left and right. The background is purple, and circular white foam paint stamps are embossed in the spaces between the woman and the tall building. A squiggly line of looped blue glitter is drawn across the top of the image, overlapping the roof of the building.
Ava in the Snow House
Pablo Chamorro Ragama
Grade: K
Abstract illustration made of construction paper depicting tall houses for dinosaurs, represented by tall and narrow orange, red, purple, and brown paper strips affixed to a black background.
The Little Dinosaur House and the Big Dinosaur House
Annie Dai
Grade: K
Mixed-media collage of a small girl in a white dress standing and holding a red umbrella. To the right stands an adult woman in a pink dress, holding a green umbrella over her head. A yellow car drives to the left, away from the girl. A red, yellow, and green traffic light pole stands to the right of the woman. Purple, black, and gray tall buildings with yellow windows rise in the background beneath a red sky with dark gray clouds and large white falling raindrops.
Rain in the City
Caitlyn Espinal
Grade: K
Ink-on-paper illustration of a bright red house drawn on a black background. A chimney stands up on the top right side of the house. The interior of the house is shown in cross section. A child playing with toys is represented by abstract geometric shapes inside the house.
Yo (Me)
Alan Espinoza
Grade: K
Abstract illustration created with oil pastel and tempera showing heavy black regions of tempera interspersed with crisscrossed blue, red, and yellow strokes of bright oil pastels.
Primary Fun
Giovanni Guzzardi
Grade: K
Collage of an eight-legged spider depicted in an abstract manner, composed of cutout geometric shapes of various colors, including red, black, brown, yellow, blue, orange, green, pink, and yellow.
Omari Jackson
Grade: K
Tempera drawing of a deep blue cityscape drawn by stamping various objects dipped in dark blue paint on a light blue–paper background. Towers in the shapes of rectangular Lego bricks with triangular roof tops rise from the ground, and a round sun with extending light beams hangs in the air near the top center of the image.
A City
Zongyu Li
Grade: K
Tempera abstract painting of the superhero Ninja Spiderman. The figure appears crouched in the center of the image with his arms spread left and right. His head is gazing downward and slightly to the right. Ninja Spiderman is composed of thick, abstract swaths of blue, white, black, and red paint. Two white eyes with blue pupils are shown on the figure's face. A yellow wash of paint comprises the background.
Ninja Spiderman
Jonathan Lin
Grade: K
Mixed-media collage of an abstract robot standing on a brown background covered in light blue pastel scribbles. The illustration is enclosed in a red, painted frame decorated with colorful blue and purple baubles. The robot has gray legs that taper down to points at its feet. Its torso is yellow and barrel shaped beneath a small yellow neck. Its head is round and violet colored. Two side-by-side black cat heads on the face represent eyes. A white letter S is pasted to the right of the eyes. A red button is pasted on the neck. The chest is covered with blue and purple baubles and three house keys. Red strings are pasted on the legs and ascend up into the lower chest. Two hanging violet vertical strips at left and right represent the arms. Each arm has a red string pasted on it.
Beep Boop Bot
Alston Wu
Grade: K
Overhead view of a brown circular bowl filled with seven red apples arranged in a circle, with one green apple in the center created with tempera, oil, and chalk pastel. The bowl sits upon a green backdrop. All the objects in the drawing are outlined in bold black strokes.
Alan Wu
Grade: K
Oil pastel self-portrait of a young, light-skinned girl with shoulder length brown hair. The girl faces the viewer. She has large brown eyes and pink lips curved in a slight smile. She wears a blue V-necked shirt and stands in front of ascending horizontal bars, changing colors from orange to pink, green, blue, purple, orange, teal, red, dark brown, light brown, and then finally to black. The elements in the drawing are outlined in thick black strokes.
Sophia Cruz
Grade: 1
Black-and-white-pencil self-portrait of a young boy with dark hair facing the viewer. A single long strand of hair hangs off to the right of his head, extended down past his left shoulder. His eyes are far apart, and the tip of his nose is large. His mouth is slightly open, displaying his teeth and tongue. The collar of the boy's shirt and top buttons are represented below his neck, and his left hand is drawn very small at right beneath his left shoulder, with his fingers holding a pencil.
Logan Gonzalez
Grade: 1
Oil pastel self-portrait of a young, light-skinned boy smiling wide and facing the viewer. He wears a shirt with black and blue horizontal stripes. His bold blue-green eyes and dark nose are drawn as circles outlined in light brown strokes. A yellow light bulb with extending white light beams is drawn directly atop his head, which appears hairless. The boy's ears are drawn as circles on either side, and the background behind him changes color from red near the top to orange near the bottom.
Alexander Kiracofe
Grade: 1
Flair pen–and–colored pencil illustration of a broad pattern of intertwined solid and dashed black lines representing the paths and movements of the various figures drawn on them. Near the top left, a stick figure with a round green head rides a skateboard on a dashed line with a brown house to the right, followed by a green car with red wheels driven by another stick figure with a round green head. The car travels from left to right, with red flames bursting out of an exhaust port in the rear. At top center, another stick figure with a round red head rides a skateboard on a dashed line. At top right, a row of objects sits on a solid line surrounding a stick figure with a round green head. A red house sits on the solid path directly below. Near the center of the illustration, a stick figure with a round brown head rides a bicycle with green wheels along a dashed line toward a red stop sign. Further below, a stick figure with a round red head stands in a circle atop a solid line, with a green fence to the left. At the bottom of the illustration, from left to right on a solid line, is a green house, a dense black squiggle, a bicycle, a kneeling stick figure with a pink head, a stick figure with a blue head standing at center with legs wide, holding a white bag with red markings. Further to the right, the solid line loops three times and becomes a dense black squiggle near the bottom right corner of the picture. Exploding blue waves of water appear above the three loops, and a blue fish jumps out of the water to the left, connecting to a solid black line with its mouth.
My Continuous Adventure!
Oliver Mills
Grade: 1
Papier mâché sculpture of white cat with round green eyes and black spots, lying splayed on all four extended legs, facing rightward, with a wry smile on its face. The cat's pink paws, pink nose, and pink inner ears are visible. The cat's left front leg, right rear leg, and left side of its face are black. Two white whiskers extend from the right side of the cats' face, and two darker whiskers extend from the left.
Liliana Rymarz
Grade: 1
Collage of a colorful skyline of blue, black, and light blue skyscapers with lit yellow windows appears beneath a blue sky with two white clouds and a yellow sun near the top left corner. A large golden arch rises in the sky behind the tall buildings, resembling the Gateway Arch of Saint Louis, Missouri. A black road with yellow lane divider strips extends horizontally in front of the buildings at the bottom of the picture. A red car with yellow windows is shown on the road near the bottom left corner of the collage.
A Small Journey in a Big City
Josephine Zheng
Grade: 1
Watercolor painting of a thin black bear facing right and standing centered atop a few large brown and black mounds that rest upon green grass. Tall, thin, brown trees with round green leaves at top stand at the far left and right edges of the painting. A large black circle appears in the sky above the bear, positioned slightly to the right.
Bear in the Mountains
Peyton Caesar
Grade: 2
Tempera painting of yellow circles drawn in a blue sky above tall green grass, punctuated with blue flowers above a thin strip of brown soil. The painting is rendered in a style reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh.
Miranda Cao
Grade: 2
Chalk pastel portrait of a black beaver with wide green eyes and long, white front teeth. The beaver is facing the viewer and appears in front of a light brown picket fence with greenery in the background. The beaver has an expression of surprise, and black whiskers stick out from its cheeks on either side of its face.
Sophie Diaz
Grade: 2
Drawing of a blue dragon facing right on a black background made with construction paper and oil pastels. The dragon has four purple legs with blue toes and a pattern of multicolored scales on its body changing from blue to red, green, yellow, purple, and white. The dragon has two blue horns on top of its head, surrounded by bright red feathers. The dragon's face has a thick, black, single eyebrow bent downward over two fierce eyes with black pupils. Two blue whiskers emerge from each side of the dragon's snout, and a fiery red tongue sticks out of its mouth. The dragon also has blue and green spikes running along the top of its spine. A red Chinese lantern is drawn at top right, and two bursts of fireworks, one blue and one pink, are drawn at top left. At bottom left is written Happy Chinese New Year. A pair of white Chinese characters meaning dragon appear above and below the middle of the dragon.
My Chinese Dragon
Gilbert Efendy
Grade: 2
Painting of the New York City skyline, represented with abstract, geometric black outlined strokes, created with cardboard stamping, watercolor, and coarse salt. The buildings are painted in various colors including blue, green, red, orange, and yellow. The sky is blue and a yellow sun with yellow rays shines upon the city from the top left corner of the image.
New York
Leonardo Fattorusso
Grade: 2
Collage self-portrait of a young Black boy facing the viewer. He has short black hair and wears thick framed black glasses, two black suspenders, and a yellow shirt decorated with Memphis-style patterns. He is presented in front of a green background, and has a bright yellow shape upon each ear.
Rome Francois
Grade: 2
Paper collage self-portrait of young girl with light brown skin and long black hair, facing the viewer. She has thick black eyebrows and prominent black eyelashes over big brown eyes. Her lips are white, and she wears a green band around her neck and a red shirt decorated with dark floral patterns. Behind the girl are various colorful elements and patterns, including a purple flower on a green stem in a blue framed box drawn to the right. A green box above that shows a bunch of yellow flowers. Above the girl's head and to the left, three smiling girls are drawn in a blue frame, standing to the left of a brown, two-story building.
Madison Galloza
Grade: 2
Paint-and–oil pastel illustration of Power Dino, a tall dinosaur standing on two legs, wearing a gold crown. Power Dino is facing left and has a light blue face, long brown neck, deep blue body, light blue tail, a small pair of upper arms, one light blue, the other brown, and a larger pair of lower legs, one green, the other brown. Power Dino has big red eyes, pointy teeth, and tall red spikes running along its spine. Written in the air around Power Dino are the words Love, Freedom, MLK, Hope, and Samo.
Power Dino
Rabid Islam
Grade: 2
Sharpie-and-tempera illustration of a bird resembling a green jay, with a yellow chest, blue wings, blue head, and a white face adorned with black fringes. The bird is perched on a dark branch and is peering behind its back, over its left shoulder. The bird is painted in thick strokes, and is surrounded by a decorative array of pink roses on green stems. The top background is blue and the bottom background is purple.
Red Rosey
Gurleen Parihar
Grade: 2
Collage illustration of a black-and-white striped zebra created with construction paper and glue. The zebra is facing right and standing in tall green grass in front of a red sky. A large yellow sun appears in the top left corner of the image.
Juwayriya Shaikh
Grade: 2
College of oil pastel and tempera depicting a red truck driving along a curvy, winding, gray road that snakes vertically from the top to the bottom of the image. Multiple colorful farm fields are divided into geometric patterns and cover the entire illustration on either side of the road. A row of tall trees stands at the bottom left side of the image. A person stands next to a small light colored vehicle parked on the road near the bottom. To the bottom right, a smiling person works in a field.
The Garden of Peace and Harmony
Kamila Toribio
Grade: 2
Mixed-media painting of a jungle scene filled with trees and animals. To the left, a red snake is wrapped several times around the brown trunk of a tall tree. An animal with a round, red face peers out from the green leaves at the top of the tree. A toucan perches on a branch that extends from the right side of the tree top. To the right, an orange lion stands in the grass and peers from behind another tree, while an orange tiger perches on a tree branch above that extends to the left. A large, tall, gray elephant stands to the right of the tree at the right side of the illustration. A green, yellow, and red animal flies above the tree to the right. The sky is blue and a yellow sun shines at the top left corner of the illustration.
Wild Harmony
Dhruv Ghai
Grade: 3
Pencil-and–oil pastel self-portrait of a young light-skinned boy. He appears in front of a brown wall and a blue door with black horizontal lines to the left, and a yellow wall to his right, followed by a beige wall with a blue framed window near the top, and a green door to the far right covered in a pattern of square black lines. The boy faces the viewer and has short black hair. A gray shirt is shown partially below his neck. He has thick black eyebrows, dark eyes, and a neutral expression on his face.
Amir Kassim
Grade: 3
Mixed-media collage of a brown bear cub climbing toward the left and facing the viewer. The cub has blood red tears dripping from its eyes, and a sad expression on its face. Litter is shown below the bear's paws, including a plastic bottle, a metal can with a torn open lid, and the remains of an eaten apple. Behind the bear, a field of red forest fires extends to a light colored fence in the distance, behind which sits a long row of black buildings that spew gray smoke into a red sky. A thought balloon extends from the bear's head which reads, "Please stop burning our home! I have NO FOOD! ME AND MY FAMILY ARE DYING! WHERE IS MY MOM?"
The Cub's Nightmare
Ryan Sullivan
Grade: 3
Black, white, and gray pencil drawing of an urban scene of tall buildings. A large, prominent clock sits high near the roof of a building in the center of the illustration, with smaller clocks shown on other buildings below and to the right. A train tunnel with emerging tracks is shown at the bottom left corner of the illustration. Billboards sit on rooftops of some of the tall buildings. The left side of the drawing is shown in daylight with a shining sun at the top left corner. The right side of the drawing is shown at night with a full moon at the top right corner. An elevated suspension bridge runs horizontally across the lower portion of the image, with another bridge drawn far above among the roofs of the tall buildings.
Hanzel Tjen
Grade: 3
Abstract acrylic-on-canvas painting of bold yellow, red, and black gobs of paint scattered randomly across a blue background.
Blue Goddess
Kason Zhang
Grade: 3
Collage of four rectangular, vertical portraits arranged in two rows, each representing one of four elements, clockwise from top left as air, earth, water, and fire. The face in each portrait faces left in profile and is collaged with paint, paper, and text.. The air portrait has a light blue background with a yellow sun peeking from behind a white cloud at top left. AIR is spelled above a rainbow on the top of the figure's head. The earth portrait has a brown background, surrounded by green trees with white trunks. The water portrait has a dark blue background, with a swimming green turtle at top left and a purple fish at bottom left. The fire portrait has a red background with yellow flames at top left and bottom right. FIRE is spelled out using letters cut out from magazines.
The Four Elements
Kova Baranenko, Isla Basmagy, Liyana Majumder, and Jack Weng
Grade: 4
Oil pastel–on–pastel paper self-portrait of a young girl facing the viewer. She has dark brown hair raised atop her head and dark brown eyes with raised eyebrows. She wears large yellow hoop earrings and a pink shirt with purple polka dots. Behind the girl is a backdrop of thin horizontal lines that alternate in color between white and pale gold. A small rectangular square composed of alternating black and white horizontal lines appears at top left.
Melani Cahoon
Grade: 4
Abstract mixed-media illustration of a Cubist brunch table setting on a light blue backdrop, as seen from above. A red plate with orange trim sits upon a green square mat with red and orange cloths emerging at the bottom. Long yellow vegetables sit to the left of the plate, while a large white skull and a smaller white skull sit inside the plate. A third skull overlaps the edges of the plate at top, and a fourth large skull overlaps the green mat and red cloth at bottom. Small red vegetables ring the bottom of the plate. A long red vegetable sits at the bottom corner to the right on the orange cloth.
My Cubist Brunch
Jack Crusco
Grade: 4
Oil pastel self-portrait of a dark haired boy wearing a black turtleneck shirt, facing the viewer and holding a brown cat in his arms who also faces the viewer. The boy leans over a black table top. The background changes color from bottom to top, shifting from yellow to red, a thin band of violet, then a thick band of black, with a tall brown cliff in the distance to the right and a crescent moon in the pale blue sky to the left.
Klaus con su Vista Hacia los Cielos
Klaus De La Cruz
Grade: 4
Oil pastel drawing of a stained glass window and its rectangular frame. The stained glass is composed entirely of a dense pattern of  blue, green, and purple abstract water droplets accented with dark blue outlines.
My Stained Glass Window
Flora Lu
Grade: 4
Circular-shaped paper sculpture of a starry red sky with white stars and a crescent moon at top left. A gray arch bridge spans the red sky. Below the bridge is a gray road with a yellow dashed lane divider. Beneath the gray road is a narrow strip of green grass atop a black curved road with a yellow dashed lane divider. Green grass, a green cone-shaped tree, and a yellow building and gray building appear at the bottom of the sculpture.
A Peaceful Place
Olivia Rodriguez
Grade: 4
Illustration of a red panda crouched in tall green blades of grass created with collaged painted paper. The panda's body faces left with its eyes facing the viewer. The image is composed of colored and textured paper cutouts. The panda's face is white with brown lines descending from its eyes and chin. The panda's tail is white with brown stripes. The background of the collage is a dark blue.
Mischieveous Red
Jaylah Rodriguez
Grade: 4
Charcoal-and–graphite pencil portrait of a young girl facing slightly to the left and looking at the viewer. She has dark neck-length hair that hangs loosely in strands on either side of her face. She wears a dark shirt that fades out in a vignette. Her chin and eyebrows are raised.
The Look
Suaiba Syed
Grade: 4
Tempera-on–construction paper illustration of a zebra facing right and grazing upon faint reddish brown soil among thick black vertical strokes that represent grass. A thick black horizontal stroke in the background represents the horizon line, with two pairs of black trees painted to the left and right. A multihued brownish sun emerges halfway above the center of the horizon.
The Zebra and the Multicolored Sky
Matthew Bandera
Grade: 5
Watercolor painting of pale green cactus with four tall stems standing in a green field beneath a pale blue sky that shifts downward in hue to yellow, then red, above a distant blue mountain range on the horizon. The cactus appears in the foreground, just right of center in the image.
Desert Sky
Zoe Cardenas Velez
Grade: 5
Mixed-media sculpture of a mermaid emerging from the frothy rectangular surface of a blue body of water. The mermaid faces right, looking upward, with her arms resting on the surface of the water. The mermaid's purple tail lifts up from the water to the left. She wears a transparent, star-shaped earring and has purple braided hair. She wears a purple necklace underneath a white pearl necklace. The mermaid is surrounded by various shiny and colorful baubles that suggest seashells from the ocean.
The Little Mermaid
Alyanna Castillo
Grade: 5
Acrylic painting of three two-story row houses side by side on a residential block. The two houses to the left are peach colored, and the third house to the right is dark yellow. A red car is parked in front of the garage below the yellow house. A black satellite dish and antenna are painted on the roof of the house at far left. A brown leafless tree on a green patch of land appears at bottom center in front of the three houses. All the houses are outlined in bold black strokes.
Pearsall Street
Zitong Chen
Grade: 5
Papier mâché–and–Model Magic sculpture of a black rat's head with opened mouth shown to the right and rear of a curled slice of pepperoni pizza. The rat's head and pizza are shown again at a different angle in another photo on the right, with the tip of the pizza slice entering the rat's mouth.
Pepperoni the Pizza Rat
Felix Devereux
Grade: 5
Mixed-media drawing of a tall white candle burning in the dark atop a dark candle holder that sits on a tabletop in front of a brown wooden chair back and dark window frames in the rear. A pair of small white plates sit on the table to the left and below the candle holder.
The Light of the World
Sabiha Hossain
Grade: 5
Sharpie illustration drawn on the propped-up interior of an opened rectangular white cardboard box, suggesting a window or TV screen. A pair of black, gloved hands rest upon the top of the box, fingers dangling over the edge. Between and above the hands is an extremely large, exaggerated pair of black-and-white, open smiling lips showing teeth, cut out of cardboard and mounted over a small, narrow neck. Inside the open mouth, between the teeth, the word BANG is written. Inside the box below, a city skyline is drawn within a large, orange-hued vignette. The words NEW YORK are written in the sky. Within the box, on the bottom surface of the inner lid, a pair of white cutout buildings sit propped in front of the orange vignette. Intricate black line work decorates the entire box, from the mouth above to the cityscape below. Adornments along the interior of the box include a soda bottle, a lollipop, and a flyer saucer piloted by an alien.
Doodle World
Dier Iakhiaev
Grade: 5
Sculptures of three animals represented as helmets created with recycled material, cardboard, acrylic, and papier mâché. A sculpture of a brown bald eagle with white face and yellow beak sits atop a shiny silver-colored helmet with several long, brown tassels hanging from the back composed of clothing zippers. A sculpture of a blue spider with black segmented joints sits atop a dark blue helmet with small beige accents hanging from the lower hat brim. A sculpture of a gray bunny with pink nose and pink inner ears sits atop a shiny copper-colored helmet with silver-colored ornamental trim.
Helms of the Three Warrior Queens
Lea Khalife, Abigail Kweon, and Aline Mendez
Grade: 5
Color digital photograph of a young Black girl standing in the foreground of an outdoor playground on an overcast day. She faces right and wears a heavy pink coat. Her right arm is raised up and extends out of the frame at top. Her eyes are closed and her head is tilted upward and back. She wears big blue headphones around her neck, and a black and white braided wool cap with earflaps and tassels on her head. Behind the girl is a large playground set made of blue and red iron bars, with tall chainlink fences to the rear at the corners of the playground.
Tumultuous Bliss
Anika McKleinfeld
Grade: 5
Collage of a brown bear standing at a blue waterfall in front of a bright yellow and orange background. The entire collage is composed of pasted geomtetric shapes. The bear faces left and leans over the blue water, looking for salmon to snatch with its jaws.
Fishing at the Falls
Louemmy Orta
Grade: 5
Color close-up photo of a young white girl with dark hair, captured in the reflective surfaces of two mirrors, one directly in front of the other. In the lower mirror, the girl is holding both hands over her ears and facing right, away from the camera. A violet flower dangles horizontally just beneath her chin. In the top mirror, only the nose, eyes, and hair on top of the girl are visible. A small, white plastic container is cropped out on the lower right side of the bottom mirror. The words "Index Cards" appear reversed in the mirror's reflection on a small sign affixed to the container.
Hillary Romero Rada and Valentina Shubladze
Grade: 5
Cardboard-and–metallic paint sculpture of Orion facing right, represented as a copper-colored abstract figure, standing on a platform, holding a shield in front of him in his left hand and a sword pointed forward over his head in his right hand.
Calder Toback
Grade: 5
Oil pastel portrait drawing of a black and white panda facing the viewer, shown from the chest up. Tall green bamboo stalks rise up behind the bear in the background.
Shy Bamboo Buddy
Zoe Xu
Grade: 5
Sculpture of a red dragon made with plaster wrap, newspaper, and tape. The dragon is crouched on all fours, facing left, with its head turned back over its left shoulder, gazing upward and to the right. The dragon's underbelly is yellow with thin red stripes. The dragon's tail is long and tilts upward to the right. The dragon has golden yellow horns on its head and snout, and sharp white teeth in its open mouth. One of the dragon's wings hangs over its front left leg.
The Red Dragon
Janry Yin
Grade: 5
Graphite-and–colored pencil illustration of a tall indoor car parking lot building with an airplane parking lot on the roof. Above the airplane lot is an apartment building rising up out of the top of the frame. The buildings are gray, with lighter colored skyscrapers in the background at left and right. Small parking signs and a surveillance camera are shown near the bottom center of the image. A small American flag and red triangular flag hang from poles near the bottom and to the right. Small rows and columns of red, yellow, and blue windows adorn the buildings at the bottom left and right areas of the illustation.
The Great Buildings of New York
Jarvan Yu
Grade: 5
Watercolor-and-pen-and-ink illustration of a rock-strewn stream leading from the foreground to a wooden cabin in the background. The cabin sits on a green perch of grass in front of a canopy of tall trees. A long path of gray rocks leads from the edge of the water to the cabin in the distance.
Stream and Quiet Cabin in the Woods
Leo Zhou
Grade: 5
Graphite-and–oil pastel drawing of white crane with a dark beak and dark thin legs standing in a field of green grass. Its long neck is bent and its beak is pointed down to the grass. A large yellow sun shines overhead and to the left in a green sky that is the same color as the grass.
Musa Muaz
Grade: 5
Red-clay bust of Neil deGrasse Tyson presented in two photos, one at left facing the viewer directly, the other at right facing to the right. Tyson's short curly hair and thick mustache are prominent.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Drew Belden
Grade: 6
Black-and-white charcoal drawing of a toucan perched on a branch, facing right. The background is composed of finely drawn hanging foliage that resembles the consistency of straw.
Keel-Billed Toucan
Zainab Chaudhry
Grade: 6
Drawing of an overhead map made with watercolor, colored pencil, and pen. The map shows a large green wedge-shaped island to the left, a small green island to the right shaped like a backwards letter C, and a small gray mountainous island to the top right that has a large bay in the middle with a giant turtle floating in the water. A small lighthouse on a tiny island sits directly between the large and small green islands. A small island, where mushrooms have been banished, is to the left of the large green island. Black text captions appear over landmarks on the large green island, such as NYC, Luosifen, and the Great Wall of China. Emerging at the bottom left corner of the map is a horizontal island with green pine trees labeled Christmas. A giant red octopus emerges from the water above the Christmas island to the right. A stylized nautical navigation compass is drawn near the bottom right edge of the map. A sea monster swims directly beneath the compass. A clipper ship sails from the small green island to a dock on the large green island.
Jerry's Adventurous Life
Jerry Le Chen
Grade: 6
Cubist oil pastel illustration of a still-life scene of red fruits and a blue kettle that appears to be shown at jagged angles through prisms of shattered glass or a broken mirror. The still-life elements rest upon a pale green backdrop. Bold green, magenta, and red panels of jagged color cut through the scene from the top of the image at intersecting diagonal angles.
Shattered Life
Clara Ferraz
Grade: 6
Oil-on–pastel paper painting of a tall brown vase on a blue tablecloth containing numerous white and yellow flowers with green leaves. A bunch of green grapes sits in front of the vase, with a green mug sitting slightly to the right. The dark background is nearly black.
Still Life
Eniko Tomity
Grade: 6
Black-and-white self-portrait of a young girl facing the viewer, showing her head and shoulders. The girl wears eyeglasses with each lens composed of a sideways capital letter D pointing downward. The girl's lips are composed of overlapping ornamental deorative typesetting symbols. The girl's hair is composed of mulptiple  letter Ts, cascading from the top of her head, past her shoulders.
A Thinker
Imani Carson
Grade: 7
Charcoal gray self-portrait of a dark-haired adolescent boy facing the viewer with a stony, closed mouth expression on his face. The boy's eyes are crossed out horizontally as if to suggest a white blindfold. The boy wears a gray shirt and emerges from a dark gray background in vignette. The right side of the boy's face is fully shrouded in black shadow.
Abraham Drozario
Grade: 7
Alcohol marker portrait of a female face with slightly opened red lips, facing the viewer. The subject is completely obscured by leaves and flowers except for her nose, lower jaw, and neck. Red, violet, blue, pink, and white flowers are arranged around the head and shoulders like a wreath. Dense green leaves fully cover the eyes.
Valerie Duran
Grade: 7
Black-and-white drawing of an adolescent girl made with graphite pencil. The girl is seen from overhead and behind her shoulders. She wears a light colored long sleeved shirt and has long medium dark hair tied in the back. She holds her left hand against the side of her forehead, gazing down at an uneven pile of open books laid out on the desk before her.
Bella Hentschel
Grade: 7
Recycled cardboard sculpture of a bright yellow flower fringed with bright red accents on the outer edges of the petals and a red orange bloom at the center.
Morning Glory
Adriana Joyles and Hailey Ollivierre
Grade: 7
Pastel drawing of a figure taking a broad stride from left to right across a field, with the dark branches of a leafless tree spreading overhead from the left edge of the image. The figure wears blue pants, a red and blue coat, teal gloves, and a tall green hat upon a blue head with blond hair. A yellow and orange sky overhead is laced with teal pastel strokes. The walking figure gazes right to a small, red stick figure who stands on a red patch of ground in the distance.
Sowing Day and Night
Ze Xian Li
Grade: 7
Watercolor painting of a pair of widely separated brown tree branches rising to the left and right from a trunk in the center of a forest clearing. The tree is surrounded by a canopy of white tree trunks with green foliage in the background.
Stefaniia Lozynska
Grade: 7
Oil pastel–and–colored pencil drawing of a tall green tree perched in the foreground on brown soil, with a small pair of green bushes to the left. The brown soil changes to red hills in the background, and then becomes a gently sloping brown mountain on the horizon. The blue sky is mostly filled with large white clouds, and a deep orange sun emerges from the clouds near the top right of the illustration.
The Promised Place
Sici Ma
Grade: 7
Colored pencil self-portrait of white adolescent girl with long blond hair facing the viewer. She wears a green jacket and looks over and behind her right shoulder to a green-hued reflection of her face that looks directly back at her. Her reflection is enclosed in a green surface with slanted, gray stony walls above and below. A large, bright red square shines in the left side of the reflective surface, and a thick blue beam emerges vertically from the top of the red square.
Selves Portrait
Nora Paninski
Grade: 7
Black-and-white portrait of a bearded man seated and facing left with his face in profile made with pencil. The man's face is darkly shaded, and his thick, dark, closely cropped beard meets thick dark hair atop his head. He wears a loose fitting shirt and scarf with his sleeves rolled up to the elbow. The man's right arm extends left out of the frame, and his left arm hangs below out of the picture. His head is drawn larger in proportion than his body.
Sienna Pentony
Grade: 7
Illustration of an adolescent girl made with watercolor, Prismacolors, tempera, and paper. The girl, who has long black wavy hair, is submerged in a wavy teal ocean to just below her large blue eyes, which stare down at the water around her. A crescent moon is drawn across her forehead between her eyebrows, and a crescent moon also appears in the dark blue night sky at the top left corner of the image. Two white horizontal bars appear above the girl's head with a caption in black capital letters that reads, "BE SILENT LIKE DEEP WATER."
Yamani—Be Silent Like Deep Water
Arwa Saif
Grade: 7
Collage portrait of a blond-haired, blue-eyed female staring intensely at the viewer created with vintage magazines and wallpaper. The subject has black eyebrows, black eyeliner, and pink lips. The subject's face and neck are copmposed entirely of scraps torn from the pages of magazines. To the woman's left, the background is lime green. To her right, the background is a warm red. She wears a foam green shirt that comes up to her shoulder line.
Taylor's Dream
Daniel Schori
Grade: 7
Acrylic painting of the interior of a circular garden gazebo with a glass ceiling and beige pillars supporting the roof. The garden is filled with green hanging plants from top to bottom, and a bouquet of pink flowers in the center hangs near the bottom of the illustration by a long chain that extends from the top of the gazebo.
In the Garden
Arfia Ahmed
Grade: 8
Mixed-media painting of an overhead nighttime view of outdoor elevated subway tracks that recede into the horizon. A long chain of subway cars is on the tracks, and also recedes to the horizon from the lower right corner to the center of the composition. To the left of the tracks is a three-lane gray road separated by yellow dashed lane dividers. Tall buildings with lit yellow windows appear on the horizon. Other buildings run along the left and right sides of the road and train tracks. A red sign on a building on the left reads, "24 HRS OPEN!" A bright pink billboard on a tall signpost to the right reads, "MEET THE STARS!" with a large yellow five-pointed star at the right of the headline.
Billboard Goals
Cameron Chung
Grade: 8
Acrylic-on-canvas self-portrait of an adolescent girl facing slightly upward to the left in profile. She has dark hair tied behind her head, wears a dark blue shirt, and has several red roses adorning her hair and chest, each of which appears to be melting with bold, dark red vertical paint strokes. The background is a dark burgundy.
Melting Roses
Samantha Cothran-Ma
Grade: 8
Color pencil self-portrait of an adolescent boy with light brown skin. He is smiling and facing the viewer. He has short black hair and wears a red jacket with a lowered hood and a yellow heraldic lion emblem on the left side of his chest. The background is a blue crosshatched vignette that fades to white.
Lucas Guo
Grade: 8
Ebony pencil drawing of the entire planet Earth being split open in the middle like a walnut by a massive fiery meteor that crashes into the center of the Earth's exposed core. Fiery chunks of debris fly away from the planet's surface in all directions. At bottom left, three smiling gray aliens with large eyes stand on a small rocky planetoid and hold up picket signs that say "NO MORE EARTH," "DESTROY EARTH," and a drawing of the Earth with a circle and around it and a line through it. To the bottom right, two aliens stand on another small planetoid. The taller alien holds a device in its right hand, white the smaller alien has both hands crossed upon its chest. A rocket ship floats behind the bottom right planetoid, and a long, snaking, segmented cable winds from the top of the ship across and around the exploding Earth, coming to a stop near the top right corner of the image. A small ringed planet floats in front of the Earth near the bottom right. Two other small planets float to the bottom left.
We Warned You
Lulu Kano
Grade: 8
Mixed-media-collage self-portrait of an adolescent Asian girl with dark eyes and long dark hair tied behind her head, facing the viewer and wearing a pink collared shirt over a white T-shirt. The girl is faintly smiling. The background is a teal sky with a pair of small white clouds and covered in tiny  purple dots that resemble a halftone pattern.
Happy Me
Juno Kozeki
Grade: 8
Acrylic-on-canvas self-portrait of an adolescent boy facing left but looking at the viewer with his eyes. He has dark, thick hair and black framed glasses. The right side of his face is cloaked in dark green shadow, and the left side of his face is nearly white from bright illumination. He wears a green shirt, and the background is a dark contrasting red, with a green splotch on the left side and a yellow splotch on the right.
Ivan Lin
Grade: 8
Color photograph of an adolescent Black male and Asian female sitting next to each other on a subway car. The male is looking up, the female is looking down. Both have their hands crossed in their laps. The Black teen has braided hair and wears a brown jacket with black pants and black shoulder straps from a knapsack behind him. The Asian teen has shoulder-length black hair and wears a fuzzy magenta coat with a white purse cradled between her arms.
Subway Strangers
Sara Lorenzini
Grade: 8
This crosshatched, black-and-white Drypoint print depicts the front of a jewelry store. The large rectangular sign above the shutter awning says Bronx Best Jewelry. A smaller sign below says Jewelry Watch Repairs. The storefront window to the left shows a row of neck mannequins adorned with necklaces. The glass door to the right has the words We Buy Gold written prominently on the glass. A diagonally oriented black and white checkerboard floor recedes behind the glass door.
Bronx Jewelry
Mia Padilla
Grade: 8
Digital illustration of a Black male figure standing in a hero pose with his right elbow curved and fist raised, staring at the viewer. The figure is abstract and composed entirely of geometric shapes. He wears black pants and long blue boots with yellow-green accents on the feet. He wears a black shirt with a blue tunic on the chest. He has long, yellow-green hair and fluorescent yellow sunglasses. He stands in front of a pale blue background.
Abstraction of Lúcio from Overwatch
Konstantyn Zhukovskyi
Grade: 8
Drawing of a close-up view of a pale red fox standing and stares directly at the viewer with intensity. Created with watercolor pencil and black ink, the fox is outlined in fine black ink strokes. It stands on gray land, with green pine trees and a light blue sky in the distant background.
Lonely Fox
Melvin Caraballo
Grade: 9
Black-and-white charcoal self-portrait of an adolescent Black girl facing right. She has long, thin, dark braids, small star-shaped earrings, and a tied white bow on the back of her head, behind her right ear. She wears a white frilled blouse with a tied bow under the neckline, with a thin necklace hanging down to the neckline of the blouse. She is drawn at a slight diagonal pitch, tilted downward from the upper right to the lower left in a shadowy setting.
State of Mind
Narchelie Dupre
Grade: 9
Acrylic self-portrait of an adolescent girl with brown, curly, neck-length hair. The girl faces the viewer and wears a red shirt in front of a pale green-gray background. Her chin is slightly raised and her eyebrows are slightly arched.
Nadine Herschel
Grade: 9
Black-and-white close-up portrait of the face of a dark feathered owl facing left, created on scratchboard. The owl and its many feathers are drawn in dramatic, detailed contrast against a black background. The owl's large, round, left eye is nearly in the center of the composition, with its right eye almost completely out of view.
Gizelle Howe
Grade: 9
Colored pencil–and-graphite illustration on a grid composed of five columns and seven rows of squares, with two different drawings separated by alteranting rows on the grid. The larger, main drawing is a grayscale illustration of grassy, swampy marshlands. The smaller secondary illustration is drawn across the second, fourth, and fifth rows of the grid from the top. This smaller color drawing shows tightly cropped portions of a green alligator resting on its belly. The juxtaposition of the green alligator against the gray swamp land suggests a camoflaged predator lurking in the tall grass.
Predator in the Grass
Aprill Tavarez
Grade: 9
Black-and-white pencil drawing of a spilled transparent cup resting atop an opened blank page of a spiral-bound sketchbook, seen from overhead. Several flowers emerge from the cup onto the white page of the book. Some leaves and dried flowers sit on the page above the cup, and a long, dark paintbrush crosses the lower third of the page. A pair of small sealed paint tubes rest at odd angles on the tabletop, just below the sketchbook page.
Still Life
Mayvellin Yong
Grade: 9
Illustration of a girl with tousled shoulder-length, sandy brown hair created with ccrylic wash, oil pastel, and pencil. The girl is leaning over a blue ledge with her hair hanging down and her fingers clutching the ledge. Her mouth is open, and she is depicted with a single, huge cyclopean eye above her nose, centered on her forehead. The girl stares directly at the viewer, and the background behind her is a pale blue.
A Vision
Sophie Hobeck
Grade: 10
Digital-media photograph of a dark-haired adolescent Asian girl seated at a wooden table, eating ramen noodles from a large, red paper container, using chopsticks in her right hand and holding a black soup spoon in her left hand. The girl leans over the table, facing left, and wears a heavy gray coat. A long noodle runs from her lips to the container below, partially held by the chopsticks. Supermiposed on the girl's face is a sideways translucent photo of the open top of the red container, showing noodles, two halves of a boiled egg, and the black soup spoon dug into the noodles.
Cathryn Lee
Grade: 10
Almost monochromatic blue oil-on-canvas painting of an adolescent Black girl staring upward in the foreground, with an adult male standing and singing behind her, with his head upturned and his left hand extended with spread fingers. A pair of blue peacocks are drawn near the top in the background, each facing each other. The girl wears a light open necked shirt and the man wears a dark blue jacket and bow tie. Thin, gold cracks run through the peacocks, down to the man's shoulder, and to the left of the girl's head.
The Lost Pieces
Zendzele Lelitte
Grade: 10
Oil pastel painting of a large assortment of various foods on plates sitting on a brown wooden tabletop. Among the dishes are dumplings, soup, shrimp, fish, spare ribs, broccoli, and several beverages with straws in plastic cups to the rear. A small, stuffed, white bunny rabbit sits on the table in the rear between the beverages. At the top left corner of the painting, a glass bowl filled with fruits sits at the very back of the table, in front of a red wall. The edge sof several of the plates are ringed with white, blue, red, and green concentric circles.
Lunar Dinner
Tammy Liang
Grade: 10
Gouache painting of a farmer walking through a large green field from left to right, carrying a large basket balancedon over one shoulder by a long stick held in the right hand. Behind the green field, a short and shallow elevated cliff leads to receding green pastures and dark green mountains in the distance. The sky above the mountains is a warm orange.
Fields Alone
Anjum Zaman
Grade: 10
Charcoal reversed white-on-black drawing of a child's head and neck at bottom right, facing left, with hands raised in front, palms facing inward. The child looks upward and wears a keffiyeh draped over their heas and a long-sleeved shirt buttoned down at the cuffs and collar. The prominent background is almost fully black.
Prayer in Shadow
Sally Almaklani
Grade: 11
Acrylic-on-canvas painting of the head and shoulders of an adolescent Black girl with curly black hair at left, facing right and pointing her left index finger at her own mirror reflection to the right that points directly back at her. The girl's reflection is painted in fine, neon red reverse strokes on black with cyan highlights. A cast iron ornamental door guard appears behind the girl at left. At far left, a black bar extends vertically and diagonally out of the frame. The surface of the black bar is covered in tiny rows of green zeroes and ones, suggesting binary computer code.
A Hobby for What
Kai Barrett
Grade: 11
Pen-and-ink drawing of an overhead view of the Coney Island amusement park. Various rides and concession booths are shown in the foreground, with the wooden Cyclone roller coaster appearing prominently in the background to the right. A skyline of high rise apartment buildings fills the horizon in the distance.
Monotone Summer of '22
Naomi Chappell
Grade: 11
Painting of a pair of hands weaving made from acrylic and phone-book paper on Bristol Board. The hands, at bottom right, weave a narrow strip of paper into a much larger tapestry of interlaced, brown woven paper that takes up the entire top half of the canvas. Frayed paper strips stick off the edges of the canvas at the top and left.
Untitled (The Weaver)
Faith Choi
Grade: 11
Acrylic blue-and-gray-hued painting of a Shabbat table in a dimly lit room. A folded cloth is draped on the far end of the table that faces the wall, in front of a brass candle holder containing five unlit candles. A few glasses and ornate cups sit on the table around the candle holder. Drapes are pulled back on the wall behind the table to the right, and reflected light from the windows shines on the surface of the table. A round mirror hangs on the wall behind the table to the right, also catching reflections along its surface.
Friday Evening
Alexandra Cohen
Grade: 11
Acrylic painting of a small yellow and black bird facing left, perched atop the broken, warped, stretched remnants of an opened birdcage that sits on a large field covered in flowers of many colors. The sky above is dark blue at the top, changing to a sunrise orange behind the perched bird.
If You Love Something Let It Go
Penelope Dymerets
Grade: 11
Color photograph of a man wearing a yellow sweatshirt, sunglasses, and blue jeans hoisting a small girl aloft with both hands in the air above him on the Coney Island boardwalk during the day. There are concession stands and a Ferris wheel in the background. The girl is smiling and gazing down at the man below. She wears a blue hoodie jacket, black leggings covered in decorative patterns, and white sneakers. The sky is blue and a seagull flies overhead in the distance, to the left of the girl's head.
Taking Flight
Angelina Galindo
Grade: 11
Graphite-on-watercolor black-and-white drawing of a fully armored medieval knight seated in a saddle, riding on the back of an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex that faces left, with its bottom left foot perched atop a hollowed out log that emerges from the soil. The knight wears a long billowing cape that flows behind him, and he holds a long sword with his right hand across his left hip, pointed behind his back to his rear. The saddle is held to the dinosaur with straps encircling its torso. A tall tree to the right appears to be shedding its leaves, which flit all over and around the knight and the T. rex. A large, ringed halo appears in the background behind the dinosaur and its rider.
A Timeless Warrior
Jean Carlos Grullon
Grade: 11
Oil-on-canvas painting of an adolescent girl leaning forward and facing the viewer directly, in front of blue and orange clouds. The girl has dark eyes, long black hair past her shoulders, and wears a decorative wreath with numerous blue and white flowers and green leaves on top of her head.  The girl wears a gray-teal shirt, and has a neutral expression on her face.
My Sister
Anna Konovalov
Grade: 11
Acrylic painting of a man wearing a black tank top and beige cargo shorts, standing barefoot and leaning against a brown cabinet below a kitchen counter. His feet touch a light brown linoleum floor. He has dark hair, wears glasses, and is examining an object held closely in front of him in both hands. A red teapot is on the counter to the left, and a few drinking cups sit next to a sink on the right. Three Impressionistic birds are drawn flapping around the man's head and shoulders, and the wall cabinet behind him is opened to reveal an Impressionistic blue sky adorned with swirly orange clouds and a big yellow sun.
Home Is Where You Are
Goune Kwak
Grade: 11
Conté crayon self-portrait of an adolescent Black male facing the viewer. He has short cropped black hair and wears large round glasses and a blue shirt with black trim on the shoulders. The subject appears in front of an orange-red background. Yellow rays extend and emanate from his ears. On the left, a technical pen and pencil seem to float and emerge from his right ear. On the right, a miniature black skateboard and electronic musical keyboard seem to extend from his left ear.
Brain Blast
Daniel Ocasio
Grade: 11
Self-portrait of an adolescent boy with blue skin, short green hair, and a green shirt with horizontal stripes created with colored pencil, oil pastel, and watercolor. The boy is yawning and covering his open red mouth with his right hand. His eyes are closed, and the background is a bold red. Thin black strokes outline the subject of this painting.
I'm Tired
Aaron Perry
Grade: 11
Acrylic paint–and-collage portrait of an adolescent girl facing the viewer. She has black hair and thick, raised black eyebrows. Her mouth is open wide with teeth showing, and her expression is surprised and confrontational. A black rectangular open doorway is on her forehead above her right eye, with a series of fine, white ornamental window lines adorning the black rectangle. A red wooden door opened to the right appears on her forehead next to the black doorway. At bottom left, MOVE-THRU is written in dark pink capital letters on a narrow, light pink background superimposed near the top of the girl's black shirt. Behind the girl to the right is a small patch of purple with black leopard spots. The background is mostly pink with a semitransparent white horizontal band painted at top behind the girl's head.
Move Thru
Benin Polanco-Morales
Grade: 11
Oil-on-canvas self-portrait of an adolescent girl lying on her back on a bed with her head hanging upside down off the edge, facing the viewer. The girl's lips are red, and her mouth is wide open. She has thick eyebrows and brown eyes that face left. Her dark hair is tied in two pigtails which hang upside down. The girl wears a black shirt, and the edges of her upraised arms are shown extending out of the frame, as though she is holding a smartphone and taking a selfie. She wears a white headband with blue decorative four sided flower patterns. Her face is cast in faint blue purple  shadow to the right, which contrasts to her light pinkish skin to the left.
Right-Side Up
Nicolette Prignoli
Grade: 11
Embroidered tapestry describing the life of Enceladus. The tapestry is extremely long and narrow, enclosed in a gold-colored frame that is adorned with colorful baubles affixed inside dashed outlines of squares, circles, and triangles, allsewn in various colors of thread. The main tapestry is sewn on a purple background. At far left, a pair of large, opened purple hands emit a yellow star, with a pair of red clawed hands reaching up from below. To the right, a long- haired figure outlined in yellow stands before a seated long- haired purple figure who sits on a white throne. The word Creation is sewn above this scene. Further to the right, a standing long- haired white figure gestures toward two seated white figures, one of whom hands a book to the other. This scene is titled The First. Next, the center of the tapestry shows a long-haired male from the chest up, hands extended, his face turned to the right. A book floats in front of his chest. This scene is titled The Greatest Man. The right half of the tapestry shows several figures, male and female, some adults, others children, each with woven name captions over their heads. At far right, the tapestry concludes with a gray long-haired figure in a purple robe kneeling and facing left with seven colored circles floating overhead, and an eighth red circle floating beneath the feet.
Tapestry of the Greatest Man
Angelica Acevedo
Grade: 12
Colored pencil–and-watercolor self-portrait of an adolescent male with tall, thick black hair, piercing green eyes, thick, dark eyebrows, and a slight mustache and faint goatee. He wears a blue windbreaker jacket and the background is a bold red, with a splash of orange at the right.
Antonio Arguello
Grade: 12
Acrylic-on-canvas painting of a Black woman facing left, depicted as a hybrid figure emerging atop a brown island covered in green foliage, sitting in a blue lake. The woman's long curly hair is green, and blends in with the green foliage of the island from which her head, shoulders, and wrists emerge. In the distant background, a mountainous landscape of brown hills and green foliage rise above the end of the blue lake. On the horizon, blue factory smokestacks spew gray smoke in the air directly behind the woman's head. The sky above is painted in blue circular swirls, reminiscent of the style of Vincent van Gogh.
Mother Nature vs Human Nature
Prisca Boadu
Grade: 12
Black-and-white digital photograph of a woman sitting outdoors at night on a wooden folding chair, facing to the right, cast in extreme shadow with contrasting light that illuminates her from the right. Her legs are crossed at the knee, and she wears winter boots, a thick winter coat, and a furry Cossack hat. With her right hand, she holds what might be a pen or a pipe to her lips. Other wooden folding chairs and a collapsed awning on a stand appear in the background, along with a tall, fully extended ladder in the pitch-black distance.
The Corner of 34th
Audrea Chen
Grade: 12
Embroidered head-and-shoulders portrait of a black-haired adolescent girl wearing a blue blouse, looking upward and to the right. A blue bow is tied on the side of her hair, and a white butterfly covers her right eye. A white and blue fanned semicircle of fabric extends to the right of the girl. The portrait sits on brown fabric, and the girl is surrounded by fine black-line floral patterns drawn on the fabric.
Qing Yun Chen
Grade: 12
Linocut print of an adolescent girl reclining and staring upward to the left. Seen from overhead, the girl is seated and leaning with her legs tucked beneath her. She wears dark pants and a long-sleeved dark shirt with tight rows of white horizontal stripes on the chest and arms. Her hands are together and covered by her long shirt sleeves. She has long, wavy, shoulder-length hair, and a long, crosshatched shadow extends behind her entire body to the right. Beneath the illustration are the words 2/6, "Nino," 2023, and Cameron D.
Cameron Doogan
Grade: 12
Oil painting of three people standing side by side in a clearing of lush green foliage. A short young woman in beige overalls stands to the left, a tall young man in a white T-shirt stands in the center, and a third person in a black T-shirt stands to the right. Each person holds in both hands a large, vibrant caladium leaf with a green edge and red, veiny center. The woman at left holds the leaf over her face, with only her right eye and dark hair visible. The man at center holds the leaf slightly to the left of his face, which is almost completely visible. He has short, dark hair with bangs and wears round glasses. The person at right holds the leaf directly over their face, completely hiding their features.
Mia Gottesdiener
Grade: 12
Watercolor-and-tempera painting of an adolescent Asian female standing in front of a pinkish red background, facing the viewer. She has short dark hair down to her chin, and holds a red smartphone up in front of her in her right hand, as if she is taking a selfie. She wears a light teal jacket, a light yellow buttoned shirt, and baggy, blue-green cargo pants. Her skin is painted in gray tones.
What's Staring Straight Back at Me
Vanessa Huang
Grade: 12
Oil painting of a child-sized human figure standing in a garden, wearing a billowing gray satin dress from the eighteenth century, next to a brown vase on the right filled with pink flowers. The figure wears a frilly neck collar. Above the collar, the figure has the face, head, and long ears of a brown hare and faces to the left. The figure wears a tied blue bow at the top of its dress, and holds a light brown brimmed hat low in its right hand, off to the side. The figure's left hand rests above the flowered vase to the right. The left and right sleeves of the dress are decorated with tied blue bows, and a wall of green bushes rises in the background behind a dark blue railing.
Unforeseen Royalty
Jacquelynn Lin
Grade: 12
Oil painting of a adult man wearing a red fez with a black tassel, seated at left behind a white table cloth. A young child stands behind him to the right, wearing a red turban and red overalls over a white shirt. The man wears a tan robe and is eating food with a white spoon from a container held in his left hand. A few drinking glasses and small plates sit on the table. An open closet behind the child is lined with coats hanging from a rack.
Red Turban
Austin McBride
Grade: 12
Acrylic painting of an adolescent girl sitting on a brown floor, leaning against a table covered with a white tablecloth, and clasping her hands together on top of her raised right knee. She wears light blue jeans, white sneakers, and a dark blue long-sleeved shirt. She faces to the left and has long black hair that extends beyond her shoulders. Directly next her to the left, a gray skeleton sits right up against her, with one of its bony hands resting on top of her hands. The skull is directly next to her face. Yellow and red flowers adorn the tabletop and floor around the girl. A small framed portrait photo of a person leans against a potted plant on the table top to the left. The wall behind the table is a bold red. Ornate red, green, and blue paper cutout flags hang from a wire in front of the tablecloth, directly behind the girl's back.
Recuérdame (Remember Me)
Andrea Monroy
Grade: 12
Oil painting of the exterior of the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center at night. Three very tall windows with curved arches at top emerge from the building façade. The words Don Giovanni are written on a large banner hanging inside the building to the left. A random grid work of black rectangular frames adorn the tall picture windows at the front of the building. The glow of interior lights is reflected on the street plaza in front. A tall lit office building appears in the distant background. The entire painting is enclosed in a dark black frame create with , polymer clay and decorated with ornate, round resin tiles.
Lincoln Center at Night
Norma Pace
Grade: 12
Acrylic painting of an adolescent Black female standing and wearing a satin robe and a silvery crown. She faces to the right, looking over her left shoulder, her eyebrows fully raised, staring at something behind her back and outside the canvas. Her right wrist and forearm are exposed, and she holds up a silvery knife in her right hand. The blade is facing left. The girl is painted in extreme underlit contrast, and her figure emerges dramatically from a pitch black background.
The Distortion of Light
Sophia Potorti
Grade: 12
Image on light brown corrugated cardboard of a head-and-shoulders portrait of an adolescent girl created with Sharpie, Micron pen, and gel pen. She faces slightly to the left and has long braids that extend down to her chest. She wears a large set of headphones, a blouse, a small necklace with a heart-shaped pendant, and a strap for a bag that hangs from her left shoulder. The portrait is surrounded by numerous stylized convex imprints of paw prints from a cat.
A Purrfect Afternoon
Frankia Pratt
Grade: 12
Oil-on-canvas painting of the shore and harbor of Palmeira, Spain. Gray rocks and soil are shown in the bottom foreground. Behind the rocks are the gray waters of the harbor, with a few small sailboats moored to the docks in the rear. Behind the docks, rows of white and beige buildings recede into the distance behind a long row of parked cars and vendor stalls. A faint range of short hills is on the horizon. The bright blue sky overhead takes up the top half of the painting.
Palmeira, Spain
Isabel Tajes
Grade: 12

Plan Your Visit

Painting of young black girls pointing at a creative figure of herself.