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A Walk Through The American Wing

A Walk Through The American Wing

The curators of the American Wing, with an introduction by Morrison H. Heckscher and H. Barbara Weinberg
208 pages
160 illustrations
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The American Wing is a favorite destination for the Metropolitan's visitors, so I am particularly pleased that, once again, there is in print a handy and dependable guide to its treasures. The joint work of the curatorial staffs of the Departments of American Decorative Arts and American Paintings and Sculpture, the text is informed by the latest scholarship presented in an informal and accessible manner.

The American Wing is a living organism, with its collections and their means of display continually evolving. Since 1980, for example, literally hundreds of works of art have been acquired thanks to the generosity of many collectors and donors; a half dozen important period rooms, including a masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright, have been installed; and the Henry R. Luce Center for the Study of American Art, in which most of the Wing's reserve collections are on public view, has opened. Changes will continue, and it is our hope that this new volume, organized to guide the visitor through three stories and many galleries, will be as popular, and go through as many editions, as the original Handbook of the American Wing.

Met Art in Publication

Architectural Elements from Laurelton Hall, Oyster Bay, New York, Louis C. Tiffany  American, Limestone, ceramic, and Fravrile glass, American
Louis C. Tiffany
ca. 1905
Autumn Landscape, Tiffany Studios, Leaded Favrile glass, American
Tiffany Studios
Window, Frank Lloyd Wright  American, Glass, zinc, American
Frank Lloyd Wright
Staircase from Chicago Stock Exchange Building, Chicago, Louis Henry Sullivan  American, Cast iron, electroplate copper finish, mahogany railing, American
Louis Henry Sullivan
Bacchante and Infant Faun, Frederick William MacMonnies  American, Bronze, American
Frederick William MacMonnies
1893–94, cast 1894
Mourning Victory from the Melvin Memorial, Daniel Chester French  American, Marble, American
Daniel Chester French
1906–8, carved 1912–15
Vanderbilt Mantelpiece, Augustus Saint-Gaudens  American, Marble, mosaic, oak, and cast iron, American
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
ca. 1881–83
Chest, William Searle, White oak, red oak, American
William Searle
Cabinet, Red oak, white pine, black walnut, red cedar, maple, American
High chest of drawers, Black walnut, maple, poplar, hickory, white pine, American
Room from the Hart House, Ipswich, Massachusetts, Wood, oak, pine, American
Cradle, White oak, American
Wentworth House, Wood, oak, pine, American
Banister-back chair, Maple, American
Oval table with falling leaves, Soft maple, white pine, American
Fireplace wall paneling from the John Hewlett House, John Hewlett  American, American
John Hewlett
Kast, Painted yellow poplar, red oak, white pine, American
Chest with drawer, Painted white pine, yellow pine, yellow poplar, oak, American
High Chest of Drawers, Walnut, walnut veneer, eastern white pine; brass, American
Dressing Table, Mahogany, American
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