"Arms and Armor": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 32, no. 4 (1973-1974)

"Arms and Armor"

Nickel, Helmut
50 pages
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Helmut Nickel

Met Art in Publication

Saint Michael and the Dragon, Spanish (Valencian) Painter  Spanish, Tempera on wood, gold ground
Spanish (Valencian) Painter
ca. 1405
Thrusting Sword (<i>Spada da Stocco</i>), Steel, bronze, gold, wood, textile, probably Italian or Spanish
ca. 1500
Sword, Steel, silver, copper alloy, leather, Western European
ca. 1400
Icon with Saint Demetrios, Ivory, Byzantine
Rowel Spur, Copper alloy, enamel, gold, French or Spanish, Catalonia
ca. 1400
Pair of Rowel Spurs, Copper alloy, gold, textile, French
ca. 1400
Pair of Rowel Spurs, Copper alloy, gold, German
15th century
Ornamental Plaque of a Knight on Horseback, Copper alloy, gold, Western European, possibly British
ca. 1300
Sword Pommel with the Arms of Pierre de Dreux (ca. 1187–1250), Duke of Brittany and Earl of Richmond, Copper, gold, enamel, iron, French
ca. 1240–50
Fragment of Mail, Steel, probably European
before 1271
Sword from the Arsenal of Alexandria, Steel, wood, European
before 1419
Shirt of Mail, Steel, copper alloy (latten), iron, brass, German, Nuremberg
15th century
Manuscript Leaf with the Crusades of St. Louis, Tempera, ink, and metal leaf on parchment, French
ca. 1900 (first half of the 15th century style)
16th century
Armor, Steel, leather, Italian
ca. 1500–1510 and later; helmet, ca. 1480
The Cloisters Apocalypse, Tempera, gold, silver, and ink on parchment; later leather binding, French
ca. 1330
Chess Piece in the Form of a Knight, Ivory (elephant), Western European, possibly England
ca. 1350–60
Bascinet, Steel, possibly French
ca. 1375–1425
The Crucifixion, Master of the Codex of Saint George  Italian, Tempera on wood, gold ground, Italian
Master of the Codex of Saint George
ca. 1330–35
War Hat, Steel, Western European, probably Burgundy or Flanders
ca. 1475
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