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Fifteenth- to Eighteenth-Century European Drawings in the Robert Lehman Collection: Central Europe, the Netherlands, France, England

The Robert Lehman Collection. Vol. 7, Fifteenth- to Eighteenth-Century European Drawings in the Robert Lehman Collection: Central Europe, the Netherlands, France, England

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, with Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, Mary Tavener Holmes, Fritz Koreny, Donald Posner, and Duncan Robinson
488 pages
383 illustrations
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Early European art was a consuming interest of both Robert Lehman and his father, Philip Lehman, an interest reflected in the remarkable number and quality of drawings they owned from the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. In addition to an important group of early German drawings, the collection includes a "Saint Paul" from a series associated with Jan van Eyck and the famous "Scupstoel" from the circle of Rogier van der Weyden, the only design for a decorative sculpture to survive from the fifteenth century. The great artists of the seventeenth century, Peter Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, Claude Lorrain, and Rembrandt among them, are also represented, Rembrandt by seven drawings, including the large study of Leonardo's "Last Supper" that would stay in his mind all through his career. Drawings by Antoine Watteau, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Gabriel de Saint-Aubin, Thomas Gainsborough, Paul Sandby, and George Romney are among the many from eighteenth-century France and England. The volume discusses all 153 drawings at length, placing each in its art historical setting and complementing the discussion with comparative illustrations of related works.

Cottage with a Distant Village, French  French, Pen and grayish brown ink, brush and washes in blue, green, grayish brown and pink; original framing line in gray., French or Dutch
18th century
Two Male Nudes, Red and brown ink, Spanish
probably 18th century
Female Nude (Danaë), French  French, Black chalk
Multiple artists/makers
late 17th century
Madonna and Child Seated on a Cloud, Unknown, Black chalk and brown wash
17th century
Profile Portrait of Bishop Antonius Campanus of Agram (Zagreb), French  French, Opaque copper-colored wash with pen and ink details against a black background, French or Italian
late 15th–early 16th century
Study of a Woman and Two Children, Sir Joshua Reynolds  British, Pen and brown ink over traces of pencil, British
Sir Joshua Reynolds
18th century
Diana, Viscountess Crosbie, Sir Joshua Reynolds  British, Pen and brush and brown ink
Sir Joshua Reynolds
after 1779
Study for a Portrait: A Lady and a Gentleman in a Park, England, Brush and watercolor, colored washes, over pencil, on thin paper
ca. 1780
Study of an Allegorical Female Figure with an Attendant Putto, England, Brush and brown ink, brown washes, over traces of pencil; partly varnished.
George Romney
second half 18th century
Stormy Landscape, John Hoppner  British, Black and white chalk, gray wash, on grayish brown paper
John Hoppner
1789 (?)
Half-Figure of a Young Woman, George Romney  British, Pen and brush and brown ink
George Romney
A Group of Four Children, with Dogs, Paul Sandby  British, Brush and brown ink and brown washes over pencil.
Paul Sandby
A Young Woman, Full Length, with Her Left Arm Outstretched, Paul Sandby  British, Red chalk and red and brown wash
Paul Sandby
ca. 1770
Travelers Entering a Town, Paul Sandby  British, Watercolor over pencil, British
Paul Sandby
Thomas Sandby and His Family, Paul Sandby  British, Brush and brown  ink and brown washes over pencil
Paul Sandby
Wooded Landscape with a Man Crossing a Bridge, Thomas Gainsborough  British, Black and white chalk, brush and gray ink, gray wash and with body color on tan paper
Thomas Gainsborough
early 1780s
Study of the Forearms and Hands of a Woman, Sir Peter Lely (Pieter van der Faes)  Dutch, British, Black chalk with touches of red, heightened with white, on buff paper.
Sir Peter Lely (Pieter van der Faes)
ca. 1665
Seated Man with a Pitcher and a Glass, Jean Jacques de Boissieu  French, Brush and black ink with gray wash., French
Jean Jacques de Boissieu
Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Seated Woman in Profile, Nicolas Bernard Lépicié  French, Red and black chalk
Nicolas Bernard Lépicié
Three Young Girls by Ruins, Hubert Robert  French, Pen and black ink, brush and gray wash, and pink, blue, moss green, and pale gold watercolor.
Hubert Robert
ca. 1790
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