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"Fireworks!: Four Centuries of Pyrotechnics in Prints & Drawings": The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, v. 58, no. 1 (Summer, 2000)

"Fireworks!: Four Centuries of Pyrotechnics in Prints & Drawings"

Boorsch, Suzanne
52 pages
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Suzanne Boorsch

Fire, Abraham Bosse  French, Etching
Abraham Bosse
ca. 1630
Pyrotchnia or a Discourse of Artificial Fire-Works, A Short Treatise of Geometrie, John Babington  British, Illustrations: engraving
Multiple artists/makers
Multiple artists/makers
Entry of Charles V into Munich, June 10, 1530, Sebald Beham  German, Woodcut
Sebald Beham
16th century
Marriage of Annibale Altemps and Ortensia Borromeo, Rome, March 5, 1565, from "Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae", Etienne DuPérac  French, Engraving
Etienne DuPérac
Antonio Lafreri
Entry of Maximilian II into Nuremberg, June 7, 1570, Jost Amman  Swiss, Etching and engraving
Jost Amman
Feste nelle nozze de don Francesco Medici gran duca di Toscana; et della ... sig. Bianca Cappello, Florence, October 14, 1579, Raffaello Gualterotti  Italian, Etching, woodcuts
Raffaello Gualterotti
Stamperia Giunti
Festival for Saint Placidus, Messina, August 2, 1589: Fireworks Obelisk, Filippo Gotho  Italian, Etching
Filippo Gotho
Fausto Bufalini
Balthasar Küchler
Johann Ottinger
The Feast of Saint James, Florence, July 25, 1619, Jacques Callot  French, Etching
Jacques Callot
16th century
Le Soleil Au Signe du Lyon, Jacques Roussin, Lyon  French, Printed book with cut ornament and etched plates
Multiple artists/makers
Fireworks in a Piazza, Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)  Italian, Pen and brown ink, brush with gray and brown wash, over traces of leadpoint (?)
Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri)
ca. 1618–23
Pompa Introitus Honori .. Ferdinandi Austriaci ... " (Entry of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand into Antwerp, April 17, 1635), Peter Paul Rubens  Flemish, Engraving
Multiple artists/makers
Design for a Processional Float, Anonymous, Italian, Roman-Bolognese, 17th century  Italian, Pen and brown ink, brush and blue wash, over lead on cream paper (recto). Stylus-ruled line along bottom edge. Ruled framing outline in black ink; pen and brown inks (verso). Fragments of framing outline on all edges of recto
Anonymous, Italian, Roman-Bolognese, 17th century
17th century
The Round Tower Ruptured to Reveal the Statue of the King of the Romans, Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée)  French, Etching; second state of two (Mannocci)
Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée)
Manuel de Moura
Die Triumphirende Liebe umgeben Mit den Sieghafften Tugenden In einem Ballet Auff dem Hochfürstlichen Beylager .. Christian Ludwig Hertzog zu Brunschwig und Lüneburg ... Dorothea Hertzogin zu Schleswig Hollstein ... Zelle 1653, Jakob Rebenlein  German, plates: etchings
Jakob Rebenlein
Konrad Buno
ca. 1653
Jean Le Pautre
Israel Silvestre
17th century
Jean Le Pautre
1668, reprinted ca. 1860
Jean Le Pautre
1675–76, reprinted ca. 1860
Celebration for the Elector Johann Georg II, Leipzig, July 8, 1667, Anonymous, German, 17th century  German, Etching and engraving
Anonymous, German, 17th century
ca. 1667
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